Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Banana diet

Since the opera singer Kumiko Mori announced that it has lost 7 pounds on this diet, there is a shortage of bananas in Japan. Designed as the fastest and easiest diet, came Japan by storm.

The diet is designed Hitoshi Watanabe and his wife Sumiko. Diet has since gained popularity by word of mouth surrender, web sites, TV shows, articles in journals and books with which the author wrote.

Is losing weight is really so simple that you can just eat a banana?

What can you eat?

This is a very simple plan. For breakfast, eat only bananas and room temperature water. After that, you eat whatever you want for lunch, dinner and snacks as long as you do not eat after 8pm. The only restriction: no ice cream, dairy products, alcohol or dessert after dinner and only drink that should not consume meals with water at room temperature. One sweet snack is allowed during the afternoon.

One of the most popular aspects of the plan's lack of emphasis on exercise. Individuals are advised to exercise if they want to, and even then, it should be done with less stress.

There are different theories of action bananas in the process of losing weight. One theory suggests that certain enzymes in the banana accelerate digestion causing a sudden loss of weight. However, the human body contains all the enzymes necessary for digestion. It is true that foods with fiber (and have some bananas) can pass through the digestive system faster and may not be fully absorbed. Consequence, fewer calories, but those calories are not enough to revolutionized the weight loss industry.

Another theory focuses on durable starch, a type of fiber that makes us feeling full and rapid wear of fat.Durable starch commonly found in carbohydrate foods such as green bananas, potatoes, beans and grains - but only if you eat them cold.

Studies have shown that the indigestible fiber can block the digestion of some carbohydrates, but even then, bananas have a certain amount of fiber and starch durable. Bananas have only 2-4 grams of fiber. To be a "good" source, the food should have a 3.5 to 4.9 grams of fiber per serving.
Bananas have always been a part of a healthy diet and plans. Although they are healthy, do not have special features food deserving of losing weight.

Is the diet healthy?

Feeding as soon as you want for lunch, dinner and snack is not a recipe for losing weight. To losing weight, you need to be physically active and control calories. To stay healthy, you need to choose healthy foods.

No eating after 8 in the evening is good advice for those thinking that without having a snack after dinner.But do not think blood: there's nothing wonderful about not eating after eight in the evening. What matters is how many calories you consume (regardless of time of day), and how many calories you burn.

Eating in the morning helps to speed up metabolism, but there is nothing magical about a banana for breakfast. Bananas and water are low-calorie meal. Bananas are in the range of 72 to 135 calories and 10-20 grams of sugar are, depending on the species. Although bananas have little fiber, carbohydrates than just breakfast usually leads to death within a few hours.

Instead, you could grind the banana with a few ice cubes and a cup of low fat yogurt (150 calories and 12 grams of protein) to get a delicious, nutritionally valuable smoothie that will keep you feeling full longer.

What do the experts say?

Do I feel fed up with fewer calories, focus on healthy foods that have a lot of water and fiber, such as beans, soup, vegetables and fruits. Include low fat protein, such as low fat yogurt, lean meat, eggs, nuts.
Simply put, to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume.

For whom is a good diet?

For banana lovers. No not expect any spectacular weight loss or dramatic changes. Diet is fun, but not promising anything.

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