Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Apples are the perfection of nature

Treasure of Health

If your child goes to kindergarten or elementary school, you are very likely saved his last days in a backpack and that apple grater, sugar, butter, or dough for rolls, because with your friends, aunts and / or a teacher preparing pies and Clock dedicated to one of the healthiest foods, marked the World Day of apples.It is hard to think of any fruit yet to have its day, but apples are actually deserved it. The rights of the treasury of nutrients that have positive effects on the human body, helps in the prevention of various diseases, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, stimulate the immune system. With apples to quench thirst, because it contains a large percentage of water, but also reduces appetite, and to contain pectin and cellulose, is excellent for regulating digestion.

Every day, eat an apple
Do not wait for the World Day of apples so that it is only then that gets in your menu. For your health, you can do so much every day I eat at least one apple. Include it in your child's diet from an early age, either through porridge or later as juice combined with carrot and orange. Unfortunately, modern farming methods and apples, usually involving the use of pesticides and other harmful products, because the washing apples, barking, and how it is possible to buy from controlled orchards necessary. Be sure that the apples that are in our shop came from distant countries are likely treated any means to make that long trip to the consumers served, and the police arrived on the red and shiny.

Apple world that is celebrated in October was also the occasion to warn of these problems, but also to remind the public a wealth of flavors, fragrances and hundreds of varieties that have marked the history of the apple. Many old varieties will disappear or are already due to vaccination and modern culture, chemical treatment threatens the extinction of traditional orchards from which the initiative and went to every fall around the world mark the Day of apples. The celebration followed the now various activities in kindergartens, schools, restaurants, pastry shops, town squares. Preparing various desserts apple taste jams, juices, competitions take place in the preparation of the best apple pies, organized tours of the orchard, to try and raise awareness of the importance of preserving old varieties.

Forcing viruses, food, provide energy ...
In winter apples are indispensable in fighting viruses and infections, colds and decrease immunity than water, which is its main ingredient, apple contains many vitamins, especially vitamin C are, then A, E, B vitamins. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Apple is a common food in the diet, and suitable for weight loss. In addition to the immune, positive impact on the cardiovascular system, the heart, the kidneys. Inevitable in the menus of patients because of its nutrients, which do not burden the digestion, and beneficial effect on recovery from certain diseases. Many will turn her rather than eat chocolate, because it elevates mood, relieves irritability.

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