Wednesday, December 19, 2012

100% juice, 100% lie

We are accustomed to orange juice or any other fruit we buy 365 days a year. Large manufacturers assure us that the juice is a liquid sold by: natural, pure and very simple.

Manufacturers know the packaging to emphasize that, in terms of composition, for the 100-percent fruit juice. It's certainly better than a mixture of sugar, water and concentrates, which are also offered. Of course, leave out the details about the nature of production of most 100-percentage fruit juices.

New York Times addressed the natural squeezed juices and announced that the manufacturers only 'relatively honest. " For example, for 30 years manage to sell the phrase 'not from concentrate' in order to show that the pasteurized juice that sell better than cheap juice, made from concentrate. Consumers are convinced that pasteurized juice fresher and generally a better product that deserves a higher price.

What's the problem?

In reality, pasteurized juice does not contain more ingredients than its production more expensive and demanding. From pasteurized juice is removed so no oxygen to oxidize the stock, which is kept as a year.However, when the oxygen from the juice ejected, remove the ingredients that contribute to the flavor.Juice producers because producers hired taste and smell - the same ones that produce fragrances for perfumes. Ingredients that taste back and 'natural' smell juice is subsequently fed into it. On the label it is not listed as being derived from oranges and oil - even though you know the technology that they recognize that this has little to do with nature, writes

Orange juice intended for the U.S. market contains greater amounts of ethyl butyrate, which is the scent of fresh orange juice, drained, for which manufacturers have discovered that like most consumers in the United States. The juices intended markets of South America and Europe are added to different tastes and smells.

The formula varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so as to maintain the uniqueness of their product on the market, but successful brands tend to copy others.

Maybe it would be better to buy a juicer?

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