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Kombucha drink

You want to preserve and improve health?

You need a stronger immune system, more energy and vitality?

Try to get rid of indigestion?

If you are troubled these problems, the answer is kombucha.
It is a fungus that is made from fermented drink that you can consume each day worry-free.

Kombucha is native to Asia, through Russia came to Germany.

From there it spread around the world, having won millions of fans.

People of ancient times testify to its healing properties. Books from antiquity indicate that the kombucha tea used against a number of diseases, from the trivial to the serious.

The fungus is kept in a nutrient solution of tea and sugar, in which it constantly reproduces germinating.

Kombucha can easily grow themselves, and with the proper treatment you will be loyal companion through life.

Although it is considered curative, can be consumed as a refreshing drink while you're healthy. Do not miss to share with friends.

Top seven medicinal properties of Kombucha

First Improves digestion and cures constipation

Kombucha is a natural probiotic that balances the intestinal flora while maintaining useful and eliminating harmful substances.

It suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria and strengthens the immune system. Kombucha drink after consuming the same amount of water, which will also improve digestion.

Second Promotes weight loss

Here's why the Hollywood star and "deranged" for this fungus. Since it enhances the absorption of food and improves digestion, facilitates weight loss.

Many Kombucha juice and coffee substitute, thereby reducing caloric intake. The effect of weight loss is valid only for obese people. It is noted that the people premrÅ¡avih kombucha encourages weight gain.

3rd Increases energy levels

It is believed that kombucha provides energy as a part of it contains valuable minerals and vitamins, but also because the liver regenerates. If you drink after exercise or stress, revitalize the body in a natural way.

4th Hepatic cysts

Kombucha contains gluconic acid, which cleanses the liver of heavy metals and toxins. It turns the body into a powerful antifungal agent - caprylic acid, which nutritionists recommend treatment for candida.

Kombuchine benefits for the liver is amplified if you combine it with milk thistle.

5th Strengthens the immune system

Better digestion, liver cleaner and eased the stress leads to a stronger immune system.

Increases resistance to viral and bacterial diseases. Kombucha helps even with AIDS, and recent studies confirm the positive effect of the fungus in the prevention of cancer.

6th Makes the skin more youthful and treat eczema

The kombucha skin care can not only drink, but to apply locally. When applied to the skin, acts as an astringent and balances oily skin.

Kombuchinog packs of tea helps with eczema.

7th Keeps hair health

There are many witnesses to the kombucha that stimulates the growth and regeneration of hair and prevents gray hair.

Rinse hair Kombucha tea is more effective than the expensive salon products.

With the above-mentioned features kombucha helps ...
gout and rheumatism

The process of preparation of Kombucha

You need two liters of green, black, or other herbal tea. Per liter of freshly boiled water, add two teaspoons of tea.

Add between 70 and 100 g of white or brown sugar per quart of hot tea. Culture can not survive without sugar.

Cool the tea for 20 to 25 ° C. (From too hot temperatures fungus may die).

When the tea has cooled, pour it into any glass, ceramic, clay or wooden containers. It is important that it is not made of metal, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene.

Place the live Kombucha culture in a liquid.

If Kombucha beverage right the first time, add the liquid that comes with the culture.

For all of the following remedies kombuchinog keep enough of beverage, to add about ten percent of the amount of the new batch as a "starter fluid".

Cover with a light cloth and fasten with a rubber band to prevent flies entering.

Fermentation should last between 8 and 12 days, depending on temperature. The higher the room temperature, the faster the fermentation.

Culture of Kombucha should be in a warm and quiet place and never be moved.

Tea temperature must not fall below 20 ° C or rise above 30 ° C, and the ideal is between 23 ° and 27 ° C.

Culture thrives in semi-shade or darkness. It can be damaged by exposure to strong sunlight.

At the beginning of fermentation beverage is sweet and becoming more acidic. If you want a sweeter drink, stop the process before.

The flavor of the finished beverage is between carbonated apple juice and champagne, depending on the type of tea used.

When the tea has attained the correct degree of acidity (pH 2.7 to 3.2), remove the culture with clean hands from the bowl and wash in cold water. The new tea pot and pour the mushroom go back.

Fermented beverages without straining pour into jars. Save ten percent for the next batch. Jars tightly.

To achieve complete satisfaction in tea, allow it to mature for at least another five days after bottling.

This potion can stand for months. Drink it three times a day for one decilitre - on an empty stomach in the morning, after lunch and before bed.

When you start a new fermentation process do not forget to add the new tea at least ten percent of the liquid has fermented.

Each time fermenting kombucha creates a new layer on the surface of the liquid. You can leave a tag or layer it off.

This gives extra culture, which can be stored in a small amount of sweet tea in the fridge in case something happens to your current active cultures.

Possible side effects of Kombucha tea

At the start of drinking Kombucha tea can make you feel worse because of the process of detoxification.

The reason for this is not kombucha, but the toxins that your body expels. Therefore, it is necessary to start drinking tea in small amounts.

In case of any side effects further reduce the intake of tea, and after the disappearance of symptoms again increase the amount.

In severe adverse reactions require extra body detoxification.

Where to get
Kombucha can get from the person who already has. I'm sure some of you have already used this mushroom.

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