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Do you know what is kefir?

Kefir is a delicious and nutritious milk drink originating in the Caucasus.

According to legend the cells and instructions for its preparation natives get directly from the Prophet Muhammad, together with secret order.

The inhabitants of the Caucasus, which are believed to vitality and longevity owes everyday enjoyment of this healing potion, indeed for centuries jealously guarded the secret of preparation kefir. In fact, up until the moment when it became involved in a love story.

Unfortunately, unhappy love - at least according to one participant stories, Prince Bek-Mirza Barchorova.
At the beginning of the 20th century Beautiful Russian woman Irina Sakhara decided to visit him in Kislovodsk, a city in the North Caucasus, in order to seduce him and elicit from him a few precious grains of kefir preparation.

The first part of the plan was entirely successful, but not the second, because the prince of love in fear of punishment for violation of religious law, Irene refused to fulfill the desire, then the beauty disappointed then without having sent back.

But the prince had no intention of allowing her to leave, and in accordance with local custom, he ordered the kidnapping of brides.

However, the wedding was ruined after Irina's entourage reported the emperor prince scandalous plan.
Exasperated prince procedure, the emperor ordered the prince to an offense against Irini correct it will give her a cup of kefir grains for preparation.

And so it began.

From that point forward, kefir is gradually spreading throughout the world, and over the past time, many were convinced of its medicinal properties.

The healing properties of kefir

This tasty and refreshing sour drink is made from so-called kefirnih fungus, although it is actually a symbiotic beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Experience has shown that kefir is beneficial to health, and helps to cure or treat many diseases and ailments.

Regular consumption of kefir ...
• strengthens the immune system
• purifies the body of toxins
• helping to establish normal blood pressure
• lowers cholesterol
• helps with stomach illness
• renewed flora and relieves bowel disease
• helps with liver disease, kidney and gall
• cures inflammation (a natural antibiotic)
• helps with anemia and poor circulation
• respiratory disease cures
• helps with stress, insomnia, and nervous system diseases
• slow the spread of cancer cells
• effective against fungi and bacteria
• helps with asthma and allergies

Preparation of kefir

It is important to note that no industrially manufactured kefir is made with the help of 'kefirne mushrooms' but hops and beverage cultures of bacteria that produce the same flavor, but not the quality.

For this reason, it is best to prepare kefir in their homes.

Method of preparation of kefir is really simple. You only need milk and mushrooms, or kefir grains.

Traditionally, for the preparation of kefir can not use metal spoons and, since they can undo the beneficial effects of the beverage.

For a pint of kefir should be two tablespoons of grains and any milk (cow, sheep, goat).

Milk can be cooked or uncooked, but may not be hot.

It is recommended that milk contains less than 2.8% fat - the fat content in milk is higher, kefir is better.


Pour milk into a glass or plastic bowl.

The milk is put cells.

Cover (for example, the plate), and leave at room temperature for 24 hours. The room temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees.

Within 24 hours the liquid will thicken. You can stir it occasionally to verify consistency.

After that, it takes strain kefir (recommended to use a plastic strainer), pour it into a bottle and refrigerate.

Mushroom kefir should be washed with cold or lukewarm water and a day or two (until the next use) leave in the refrigerator, in cold water or milk.

Kefir grains will quickly multiply, which will allow obtaining large quantities of the beverage.

The quantity of milk for the preparation of kefir increases proportionally to the amount of cells.

Drink in order to maintain health and vitality can drink every day.

It is recommended to start with 1 dl and gradually increase the amount. The therapeutic use of kefir drink a liter a day.

Where can I get kefirnu mushroom

Unfortunately kefirnu mushroom you can not get in stores. You can take it from someone who already has it. Kefir fungi reproduce quickly, so it's no problem to share.

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