Sunday, July 15, 2012

Types of Chocolate

We distinguish several basic types of chocolate:

Bitter chocolate - contains a minimum 35% cocoa mass. Today you can find chocolate with 70 and even 80% cocoa mass.

Chocolate for cooking - it is usually bitter and not as fine structure as eating chocolate. This is because smaller amounts of cocoa butter. Its purpose is primarily to be mixed with other ingredients.

Couverture (chocolate for the overflow) - This is the best kind of chocolate. Such chocolate must contain a very high concentration of cocoa butter to the mixture was smooth and in order to give a nice shape. The cheaper versions are replacing cocoa butter with vegetable oils, but is often just what you look like a real chocolate for the overflow.

Milk chocolate - what we commonly consume. The percentage of cocoa mass in such chocolate in most cases, moving to 20%, although better and more expensive versions contain up to 40% cocoa mass. Cheap, mass versions contain up to 50% sugar, and cocoa butter in them is often replaced with vegetable fat, and there are, of course, and artificial flavorings. And thus far move away from what is really real chocolate.

White chocolate - in fact, and not chocolate. Since chocolate contains only cocoa butter, which has added sugar, artificial flavoring and milk, and if he is replaced with vegetable oil to get a product that has nothing to do with chocolate.

Conclusion: sweet sin, and not as sinful as it thinks. And so they came to their sweet-toothed. Let's enjoy chocolate in moderate amounts, as well as the fact that in this way contribute to their health. Of course, as with all foods, it is very important that we pay attention to the quality of what we choose

There is a person who does not like chocolate. It is known that chocolate gives us immediate sense of satisfaction and pleasure, but its great effect does not stop there.

The main ingredient in chocolate is cocoa beans - the fruit of cacao plants, growing in the wild, which reaches a height of 20 meters and has about 150 years, although it bears fruit only after five years of life.

For chocolate, the first known Maya, an ancient people of Central America. They are cooked fruits and cocoa grind maize and mixed with vanilla and chilli and cocoa beans were used as currency, so the cocoa came up to the Aztecs, ancient peoples of Mexico. Christopher Columbus will be only in the 15th century to bring cocoa to Europe, and thank him for that! 1528 years Don Cortes in Spain brought cocoa and chocolate-making equipment. Spaniards were the recipe of chocolate add sugar and cinnamon and chili thrown, and this can be considered a forerunner of today's chocolate. The principle of making chocolate has remained largely the same as today. Cocoa bean is harvested, roasted and crumbly. Then add sugar, flavorings, emuligatori and adds or subtracts cocoa butter - the natural fat of cocoa plants.

Chocolate hidden a fortune of nutrients. It is rich in phosphorus and magnesium, and contains significant quantities of zinc and potassium, and sodium, iron, folic acid, beta carotene, lecithin, and vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, E and PP. Chocolate is still considered as responsible for encouraging serotomina (good mood hormone) in our body and it is proven that the consumption of chocolate in our body to release endorphins which have a natural calming and antidepressant effect.
Teombrin Chocolate contains a substance that acts as a regulator of blood pressure, relaxes blood vessels of the heart, triggers the secretion of urine, regulating the nervous system and is useful in anemia.

Although rich in fatty substances, chocolate is easy to digest, because the composition contains sterainsku acid - aMSN saturated acid in the liver, which turns into oleic acid, the so-called good fats. Additionally contains polyphenols - the major oxidants that prevent oxidized cholesterol and clogged blood vessels.
However, excessive consumption of chocolate is not good because it causes the opposite effect, and the first symptoms are irritability and depression - signs of slight intoxication.
Countlessly Today there are many types of chocolate as well as products from it. Gladly seen guest baths for body care, creams and balms for lip care, but is used in aromatherapy and massages. But what can you say about chocolate fit into one word. YUM!

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