Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chocolate better than kissing

Chocolate in the body causing more tension and long-term causes tingling from the kiss, scientists have demonstrated.

The survey was conducted by the pairs measured response in the brain, and heart rate during the first melting chocolate in your mouth, then during the kiss.

Dr. Lewis, director of research, said that chocolate kiss undisputed winner when it comes to reactions of the body, and in some cases, numbness lasted eight times longer than after a passionate kiss, and heart rate were doubled.

He added that it has long been known that substances in chocolate are psychological and physical benefits, but the chocolate melt in your mouth maximizes the effect.

Research has shown that even though women are generally considered more chocolate lovers, no difference in response between the sexes.

All more or less like chocolate in some form, but whether they are all the same quality chocolate, and that there are differences in the consumption of dark or white chocolate? British researchers (Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust) survey found that dark chocolate relieves fatigue.
50 adults is for 8 weeks was obtained 45 g dark chocolate 85% cocoa. It turned out that they were less tired than the group receiving a placebo instead of dark chocolate. It is assumed that chocolate acts on neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which is responsible for the regulation of sleep and mood.

A few tips on chocolate:
- Chocolate is tastiest when consumed on an empty stomach.
- The ideal temperature for drinking chocolate is between 18 and 20 ° C
- Never store chocolate in the refrigerator
- The ideal temperature for storing chocolate is 10-15 ° C
- If you eat several different kinds of chocolates, always start with one that has the least cocoa, it is usually milk chocolate
- For eating let you take a few seconds, chocolate melts in your mouth and let go of his first tastes and aromas. Then slowly chew a few times to be released secondary aromas. Then let a little "is allowed to age" in the mouth. This way you'll feel a whole range of flavors that offer good chocolate.
- If the surface has created a white chocolate - a gray cover, that means that chocolate lose on quality, taste and texture, so avoid this if you love chocolate these foods.

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