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Breakfast is the king of all meals

How important is breakfast?

  "Breakfast is the king of all meals and no price jump it does not matter." This is the advice that we are distributing our grandmothers and mothers, and now we are trying to take it to their children. However, despite our awareness of the importance of this meal, as well as numerous scientific studies have confirmed the importance of breakfast for human health, recent studies show that it almost every day, even skipping about 50 percent of the population.

Properly balanced breakfast is the fuel for our body. As such, it gives us energy and allows us to be active, productive, and the mood throughout the day, while in the long run brings enormous benefit the entire body.
Forty years of studying the health effects of breakfast has shown that breakfast start the day brings benefit to everyone, regardless of age. "Morning meal is important for every organ. Whoever omits breakfast often feel tired, restless and irritable, "says Gail Frank, a nutritionist in Los Angeles.
In addition it gives us energy, breakfast affects proven to reduce weight, prevent diabetes, contributes to a better functioning of the mind and body and reduces your appetite throughout the day.

Why do we skip breakfast?
Skipping breakfast means unnecessary starvation of the organism, and it is the same as food and fuel for your car - necessary in order to function properly. Polls show that most people are aware of the importance of breakfast, but that is because of lack of time often forced to skip it, or else that "biting something off your feet." It seems that time just flies when you rush to work, college, or school, so bypassing breakfast trying to "catch up". The fact is that our ever-increasing pace of life leaves very little free time. However, there is always a way to find time for things means life. If you get up just twenty minutes earlier, you alone to provide for themselves a healthy start to the day. After all, coffee, even a cigarette - many still have time?
As the second most common reason for skipping breakfast, according to the need to reduce weight. Those who are "forever" on a diet, they want to reduce the omission of breakfast daily intake of calories, not realizing that its avoidance is just one of the causes of increased body weight.

The link between breakfast and health
Starting the day without breakfast is the same as driving a car almost empty tank. Some people allow them to dinner the next meal to pass as many as 16 hours? Such eating habits can cause attacks of dizziness, fatigue and lethargy, which is often credited with changing times, the need for caffeine and the like, and it is really a call to the aid of the body. The best way to help him if you take care of its energy needs soon after awakening.
Fuel the body to normal functioning, called glucose (blood sugar). It it supplies energy for activities such as walking, speaking, writing and other daily activities. Breakfast is the first opportunity we have, after many hours of "starvation" increase the level of glucose in the blood. It is important for the brain, and muscles - and as such represents a major source of energy.
If we slept seven to nine hours, our body's need to recover from that short period of starvation. Skipping breakfast keeps the body in a state of starvation, because inactivity slows the metabolism. If you want to lose weight, slow metabolism we certainly do not go in your favor. So good morning meal is ideal for re-start your metabolism and body training for fat burning.

The effect of breakfast on the slenderness
Avoiding breakfast reduces blood sugar levels, which not only interferes with our functioning and impairs health, but said that the body reaches out for simple sugars such as cakes, chocolate, soft drinks industry ...On the other hand, a well-balanced morning meal that will create long-lasting feeling of satiety and reduce the need for nibbling between meals. In this way, will be reduced and the overall intake of calories.
Besides skipping breakfast, taking very small amounts of food in the morning meal is a mistake that is often equally true. If you eat a roll of white flour with a little yogurt or cereal, you'll soon get hungry, so we find that biting something sweet - what we will quickly pick up, but even faster again lowered blood sugar levels, and therefore we feel that hunger again.
If you want to weight loss, we have the morning to bring fuel into the body slowly and spend it during the night. In addition to reducing the need for food during the day, breakfast quality moderates the desire for food for emotional reasons. Proper and uniform supply of nutrients stimulates the body and normalize hormonal processes involved in regulating mood. Studies have shown that people, especially the female part of population, small snack between meals if you are having breakfast.

What does scientific research say?

- Adults and children who eat breakfast regularly and correctly - rarely suffer from a lack of iron and calcium, and thus have a lower risk of anemia, osteoporosis, tooth decay and gum disease.
- According to a study performed at Oxford, for children who eat breakfast of complex carbohydrates - have less appetite during the day, and rarely suffer from obesity.
- Scottish researchers have demonstrated the positive impact of complex carbohydrates from breakfast on short-term memory.
- Attached to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published a review of studies that have dealt with the impact of breakfast on mental abilities in children. According to the results, children who do not regularly eat breakfast - less function in the morning and have less success in solving the set tasks. Skipping breakfast had a similar effect on verbal ability, creativity and ability to acquire new knowledge.
- Some scientific studies have confirmed the positive impact of breakfast on the prevention of influenza and strengthen immunity.
- Research conducted in Japan showed that students who occasionally or does not eat breakfast - they have much more frequent menstrual pain than those who eat breakfast every day. Also, students who do not eat breakfast - have a tendency to chronic constipation (constipation).

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