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Sweet secrets of chocolate

Sweet food product obtained by special technological process mixture of cocoa powder, sugar with or without added cocoa butter. Depending on the type of chocolate is added to milk, cocoa butter, honey, nuts, dried fruits and more.

History of Chocolate

Chocolate has an interesting history. The name comes from the Aztec name Ksocolatl, who was drinking a cold and cooked by the sun dried, roasted and finely powdered cocoa beans which have added spice, vanilla and water. Returning from a trip to the New World Columbus' crew 1502nd brought to Europe the first quantity of cocoa beans. Spaniards have it combined with vanilla and other spices, sugar and milk chocolate and get the precursor. Cocoa from Spain was transferred to France and came to England in 1650th A few years later added sugar. Initially used only as a drink that became popular in the cities of Europe where he was happy at home consumed young. In solid form, like marzipan, innovated in the 18th century France.Because of the known stimulatory effect was given the night the guards would not fall asleep on guard duty.

The 1828th CJ Van Huten the eponymous family of Dutch suppliers of drinking chocolate in Amsterdam trying to be less oily potion found a way how to remove cocoa butter from the beans. They found that the mixing of the extracted cocoa butter with cocoa grain pasta that gets absorbed by the sugar and the path leading to the production of chocolate to eat. Real chocolate for eating occurs only 1830th When the cocoa powder, cocoa butter and add sugar and mix in the machine - melanžerima mixes and konÅ¡ira to obtain the mass of fine chocolate.

After the 1850th The production of chocolate spread to the whole world. There are famous companies such as dryers, Nestle, Lindt. Keller, Kadmari, myself and others that still produce high quality chocolate. Here is a leading manufacturer of "Soko Stark" from Belgrade. The addition of milk powder are born milk chocolate and its inventor is a Swiss company Peter 1876th Chocolate bar is renewed for the first time in 1910. in the U.S. and has been used in the Army during World War II. Major producers and exporters of chocolate in Europe are Germany, Netherlands, France, Benelux and V. Kingdom.

Nutritional Value

Chocolate is a concentrated product that has a high energy value of 100 g of milk chocolate gives 540 calories, and chocolate - 513 calories. Have the same calorific value as 9 eggs or 3 slices of ham. Depending on whether the milk chocolate or plain chocolate contains 55-62% glucose, 30% fat and 2-9% protein, and contains plenty of potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin D. What is more cocoa in chocolate, and have less sugar, chocolate is more valuable and otherwise shall contain at least 32% cocoa ingredients.

Chocolate has a different kind of composition and form. Type of chocolate depends on the mixture of cocoa, cocoa roasting method of grain-volume relationships and cocoa butter, fat free cocoa powder and sugar in the finished product.

According to the form of chocolate may be the boards, bars and other forms, usually flavored vanillin, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and almonds. Bitter dark chocolate is suitable for cooking ie. Preparation of different desserts.

Health values

Chocolate and cocoa products contain caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, which stimulates the nervous system, like coffee and tea. Theobromine, which is from cocoa beans is a weaker stimulant than caffeine three times. Otherwise, caffeine has five times less in the beverage cocoa than coffee.

Chocolate is useful in conditions of fatigue and mood - stimulates and improves mood. Chocolate contains a substance - phenylethylamine, which affects blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose and sharpening the senses - what the body calls for lovemaking, and is regarded as a mild aphrodisiac.

It is scientifically proven that eating sweets yielding tension and the man feels bodrije and cheerful. This is explained so that when you eat sweet, then it starts to work a hormone that leads to a rapid feeling of bliss and pleasure.

Long been known that dark chocolate lowers blood pressure.

Recently it was found that cocoa and chocolate protect against gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, for killing the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which in most cases infect the lining and cause ulcers.

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