Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pomegranate prevents ovarian cancer

Pomegranate juice has more antioxidant activity than even red wine and green tea. Regular consumption of pomegranate obtained strong nails, healthy and beautiful hair, and peace of mind that most missing

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is considered by many people a symbol of fertility who brings happiness to the house. The ancient Egyptians were buried with the fruit trees because they believed that they symbolize the hope of new life, and the many pictures the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in her hand holding pomegranate.
This exquisite piece of fruit is very present in the Lebanese, Turkish, Greek and Indian cuisine, and because of its beneficial effects on health are often used in folk medicine and cosmetics.

Edible parts of pomegranate fruit, which ripens in late fall or early winter, the juice and seeds. Pomegranate fruit is rich in all vitamins, especially vitamin C, A, E and B5, as well as the minerals potassium and iron.Hundred milliliters of pomegranate contain up to 16 percent of the required daily amount of vitamin C for adults. The red color comes from the fruit and tannins antocianids.  It also has two types of polyphenolic compounds that are attributed to approximately 92 percent of the whole fruit antioxidant action. It also contains about 15 grams of sugar, which has a characteristic pleasant, slightly sour taste.
For pomegranate juice was shown to have higher antioxidant activity than even red wine and green tea. Antiaterogenic acts or prevent atherosclerosis. Israeli scientists have discovered that taking a glass of pomegranate juice daily reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Drinking this juice for a period of one year, blood pressure decreases by about 21 percent, and significantly increases blood flow to the heart.
Seed oil and fermented juice is preventing the emergence and development of tumor cells, especially in breast and prostate. But, to get rid of malignant cells, especially for prostate cancer, men for months, every day, to drink the quart of pomegranate juice, according to a scientific study.

Nar and products of these fruits contain phytoestrogens, or plant hormone which is attributed to a large role in the prevention of various diseases. Among them are the special place of hormone-dependent cancers, such as, for example, ovarian cancer. Menopausal women was observed a positive effect for the occurrence of depression and osteoporosis. Extremely good performance is achieved and pomegranates in treating cuts, burns and other wounds. The range of many diseases has been confirmed that drinking pomegranate juice slows the development of Alzheimer's disease, so that science now confirms what virtually the ancients always knew - "Pomegranate fruit is really miraculous."
Gynecologists found that pomegranate is one day relieves common symptoms of menopause, because estrogen-like substances, female sex hormones. It is claimed that the pomegranate fruit against aging, which is readily seen in the table of most Hollywood stars. Proponents of traditional medicine say that regular consumption of pomegranate nails get strong, beautiful healthy hair, as well as peace of mind that most of the missing.

The researchers noted that pomegranate juice may help men with extraordinary sex. Daily consumed glasses of juice acts like Viagra, which is proved by the experiences of men who drank it continuously for a month. Almost half felt an improvement in potency, thanks to an abundance of antioxidants, which leads to better sex organ perfusion. "Pomegranate juice has great potential in the management of erectile dysfunction," said Dr Christopher Forest, a researcher at the University of California at Los Angeles.

The skin is soft and can be returned if the energy is massaged with a mixture containing the pomegranate.Mixture is obtained by one pot mixed in four tablespoons of honey and olive oil six. Then add 120 milliliters of water and two tablespoons of fresh pomegranate juice. The resulting mixture to massage the whole body, leave to act for half an hour, then take a shower.
Otherwise, British scientists have worked numerous studies that prove that daily consumption of pomegranate slows the oxidation of DNA in cells, and to thereby slow the aging process. At the same time, the pomegranate of relieve stress and improve your sex life. The point is that we should take the capsule whole extract of fruit, and bark, and seeds. The improvement can be expected after only one month.

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