Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to gain weight?

Most people searching for the perfect recipe for weight loss. But there are those who want the opposite - throw the kilogram.
Although obesity and stress diseases of modern man, there are many people who want little to fill, that is, they wonder, 'how to gain weight. "

Some of these people follow bad genetic code and very difficult to "throw" weight. Others continue to practice bad habits that result in lack of weight given.

Here are some helpful tips to gain weight:

Counting calories may be a tedious, but very effective method for losing and gaining weight. The logic is clear - all with a certain amount remains in the body. An important goal only - weight gain or weight loss?Also, if you want to put on, it is important that your meals are common, rich in fruits, vegetables (especially potatoes), pasta and bread.

People who want to gain weight should eat at least six times a day, dinner should give them a heavy, preferably after her to eat some candy rich in calories. Milk shakes are recommended for snacks.

What should be avoided?
What you should avoid are coffee and caffeinated drinks because they give the feeling of satiety. In addition to caffeine should be avoided and dietary supplements, since most of them creates a temporary effect. Weight gain is just like weight loss, a lengthy process and should not expect results overnight.Another thing which you should keep snacks that are created that do not want weight - fat.

In parallel with food intake and exercise is preferable that the food would not be deposited in the form of fat, but is used for spraying of muscle mass. Proteins are very important to obtain muscle mass, and they are the best entries in meat, milk shakes, eggs, milk and dairy products, legumes, vegetables ...

You should also know that creatine which many recommend as part of training for mass gives a false picture because it creates a surplus of water in the muscles which may take up to several pounds on the scale!

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