Saturday, May 5, 2012

Healthy food that the body wants

Proper nutrition and healthy food, be sure to mark your day. There is a long list of foods that "requires" our bodies and we convey only the most basic ones that are available to everyone.
For a long time nutritionists and many other doctors warn and advise what are healthy foods that you should consume daily in the body. Although the list is lengthy, we will transmit only the most basic that you can find in the shops, markets and health food stores. And another thing, not the food is always expensive.

These vegetables should be entered as often as possible in the body. Although nutritionists advise to spend every day, try to eat as much when his season. Greens, spinach and Swiss chard may often be in your plate, it is called. "Leafy greens". These vegetables are folate and vitamins A and C to help fight cancer.

Just a plate of cabbage, chard or spinach daily will cut diabetes and hypertension.
Stone fruit
Believe it or not, and nuts especially walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts are healthy snacks. They are rich in natural fibers that promote the work of the digestive tract, providing a feeling of fullness which makes it particularly recommended for a snack after lunch.

Take a mixture of walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts in the cinema and nibble them instead of popcorn, nutritionists advise. Walnuts are a great aphrodisiac, almonds will pick up the excess acid in your stomach and hazelnuts will give you the feeling that you eat a calorie milk chocolate.

Studies have shown that daily consumption of onions can relieve asthma symptoms, but also to reduce the risk of stomach cancer. The recommendation of onion soup, or you can simply pop it in every savory dish cooked.

And remember - the more you bake your eyes while chopping onions, it is better for your health.

Do not eat bread, pasta and white rice, eat brown rice and whole grains because they will only enter into the body by a profusion of healthy elements it contains, which are beneficial for the human body.

If the yogurt becomes one of your everyday foods will not have problems with digestive organs. However, it does matter that yogurt drink.

When buying make sure the packaging says that yogurt contains "active cultures". What does it mean? This means that in probiotics and vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.

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