Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cranberry is a magical fruit

The plant which for some time at the top of all charts of medicinal plants is certainly a cranberry. Small but nutritious red berries will help in the treatment of many diseases. Learn more about cranberries.

Cranberry is a delicious fruit native to America but now grown in all areas of temperate continental climate.The plant that bears fruit bitter-sour taste as green shrub grows about 25 inches high, planted in the spring, in early March, and breeds twice a year.

The fruits are rich in many minerals, it should be noted that vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium significantly represented in the fruit.

Red and juicy berries, cranberries have a positive effect on urinary tract infection, lower 'bad cholesterol' and improving 'good cholesterol' research found.

Cranberry helps in curing many diseases, heart diseases are one of them. Cranberry juice prevents tooth decay.

Cranberries have properties of enormous benefit to health, because the cranberry is considered one of the healthiest foods.

Doctors are working on discovering more and more characteristics of the fruit and causes that would make their chemical composition may reduce the excessive use of antibiotics. U.S. National Institutes of Health funded research on the effects of cranberry heart disease and the other positive features of this bitter fruit.

Scientific studies of the effectiveness of cranberries in the treatment of infections (severe infections) has been officially confirmed, but only recently discovered why. The professor Terri Camesano, chemical engineer at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, led the study which aimed to reveal the effect of chemical bonding in cranberries at the molecular level. The result was the discovery of the chemical compound that alters the structure of Escherichia coli (E. coli) causes urinary tract infections.The amount of cranberry juice needed to prevent infection is very small, said Camesano. Only one cup a day!

In addition, a positive effect on health is not limited to urinary tract infection. Cranberries may be, he says, a positive effect on a variety of infections.

Some valuable and nutritious ingredients remain in the cranberry jam, juice, pies and other sweets, which of them can do, but the most useful substances in the body if we bring them to eat fresh or dried possible without added sugar or preservatives.

Based on the results of several tests conducted under laboratory conditions, experts say that the compounds proanthocyanidins have a protective role when it comes to serious illnesses such as cancer of the stomach.

Also, the cranberry is a good ally in the prevention if it creates a kidney stone because of its high acid content of useful substances which abound in this delicious berry.

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