Saturday, May 5, 2012

Computer work reinforces the desire for sweets

Scientists long come to the conclusion that you will eat more sweets than usual if you sit long on the computer.

Obesity and excess weight will be your problem if you sit long at the computer while you exercise regularly. Long hour work with sitting in front of the screen up appetite for sweets such as chocolate, cakes and fatty foods.To this conclusion came from Univerzitteta scientists in Copenhagen.

It is assumed that the mental stress of working on the computer stimulates changes in the level of sugar and hormones that the brain sends confusing signals as to have spent a lot of calories that now needs to catch up.

Equal effect on brain function has dugočasovno watching TV and computer games, announced in Stockholm, scientists at the International Congress on Obesity.

The scientist Jean Philip Haput advises those who work in the office that if they want to lose weight, often going to break departs from the screen and try to knock when standing.

In testing two groups of students - one who worked at the computer and one that rested 45 minutes - he realized that even though they are working at the computer spent only three more calories eaten away more food when they are subsequently offered food.

In fact, "radoholičarke" ate an additional 230 calories, they chose a particularly oily foods containing chocolate. The experiment showed that the girls who worked at the computer changed the level of blood sugar and hormone levels of hunger resulting desire for food.

Unlike computer skills, physical work does not bring such a mess in the sugar and the hormone which makes us less prone to overeating.

Dr Haput therefore recommends that everyone who works at a computer regularly engage in some form of physical activity that will help them better control of appetite, caloric intake and expenditure. Of course, he says, and pauses that are required.


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