Wednesday, April 11, 2012

White sugar

Many times we have heard that white sugar is bad for our health. But why is it bad and how to scientifically confirmed? 

For now, the conventional and alternative medicine agree that the white sugar:

  • source of empty calories
  • sampled fungal growth
  • promotes weight gain
  • cause tooth decay
  • has a high glycemic index (rapidly raises blood sugar levels)

However, alternative medicine goes further and links the consumption of white sugar and many other diseases and health problems.

It is believed that white sugar ...
weakens the immune system
causes hyperactivity in children
increases the risk of cancer
drawn from the body B vitamins
addictive (it is assumed that 95% of the population depending on sweets)
drawn from the body many essential minerals (calcium, magnesium and others)
caused by diabetes, one of the most deadly diseases in the world
causes obesity and heart disease
So far, scientific studies have confirmed that white sugar is causing the above diseases, or to draw from the body the vitamins and minerals.
All you have to choose whether you want to believe alternative or conventional medicine.
But even decay, empty calories and high glycemic index are sufficient threats to cut consumption of white sugar.

Practical advice:
instead of soft drinks and juice drink water
Reduce consumption of sweets
instead of two teaspoons of sugar, which put it in tea or coffee, add one
choose one day a week (for example, Sunday) to let you eat chocolate, cookies and soft drinks
other days of the week, avoid these foods

Sugar substitute

Is there a healthy substitute for sugar, which does not damage the metabolism, improves health and is suitable for weight loss?

Often brown and Demerara (turbinado) sugar as a healthy substitute for white sugar, but unfortunately it is not so. Brown sugar and white sugar are the same thing. Brown sugar in 90% of the products as follows: after refinement, the white sugar is added molasses (5-10%), which is left after processing.
There is the brown sugar, just as unhealthy as white: there are a lot of calories, almost no vitamins and minerals, and high glycemic index.

But not all sugars harmful - some are harmless, even beneficial for health.

Maple syrup (maple syrup) is an excellent substitute for sugar. It has a high content of trace minerals such as zinc and manganese, which favorably affect the health of the heart and reduce blood cholesterol levels. The only drawback of maple syrup is that it is quite expensive.

Honey is another alternative to sugar. It is often presented as an ideal substitute for sugar, but this is controversial. People who bad submitted sugar (allergies, hyperactivity), may also react to honey. Honey has a high glycemic index and affects the body similarly refined sugar. However, most people find it easier to digest honey than sugar. The natural, unpasteurized honey is rich in nutrients, which kill bacteria and viruses, aids digestion and reduce different types of allergies. Honey is sweeter than sugar and should be less in cooking.

Agave syrup is a natural sweetener that comes from the South American cactus. He is often called "honey water" because it has a mild flavor and light color. Less common than honey but is sweeter, so it needs more cooking in less than honey. Agave syrup has an unusually low glycemic index, and virtually no effect on blood sugar levels.Therefore, it is ideal for diabetics and people sensitive to sugar.

Stevia - an extract of the leaves of the Stevia family, probably the best alternative to sugar. It is proved that stevia improves thyroid and whole body. Stevia has a slightly bitter taste, which some do not like it. When cooking, it takes a very small amount of stevia - from ¼ to 1/32 of the amount of sugar (depending on the type you use stevia). Stevia is the main enemy of decay and has almost 0 calories.
Goji berries contain a complex sugar, which, according to clinical research destroys tumor cells, improves vision, fight with free radicals in the body, strengthens the liver and pancreas.

Polysaccharides containing goji berries are effective for weight loss, boost metabolism and give a natural sweetness, which perfectly replace sugar.

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