Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wheat germ

Most people do not pay attention to various types of radiation and pollution in their neighborhood, which endanger health. You must face the truth and all the pollution of the environment taken as a great warning and reprimand. It is necessary to change unhealthy habits, and that above all, we should start from the everyday table. The market abounds with products whose origin and method of cultivation can not be controlled.Markets, supermarkets, full of fruits and vegetables that can not be sure whether the treated and the smallest of the poison.

Germs are just the most natural one - to make them prozveli, we do not need any additional process or chemical agents (which is much more important). We see them every day to advance, grow and adapt them to your liking.At the stage of germination of grain volume is many times higher. For example, 7 times for alfalfa and mung beans for 8 times.

From one supenog plate lens that let it germinate, get food in the form of salads in quantity sufficient for three adults and with it much richer in vitamins than any other vegetable or fruit. This salad does not burden the body, by contrast, provides an excellent means for cleaning the accumulated toxins from the body.

Wheat is most conspicuous when used as a germ. The use of seeds in the diet is a classic example of eating raw food. For soloproduction germs you do not need a lot of prerequisites. Just you little good will, a glass jar, gauze and rubber bands for the jar. Washed, full of beans soak in clean lukewarm water and grain to two fingers, three fingers of water. Upon expiration of the time soaking, drain beans and water but does not throw a drink because it is full of minerals and vitamins. Jar, cover with gauze and fasten a rubber band. While germs can not grow 1.5 to 2 cm rinse them once or twice a day with cold water. They must always be moist but not wet. A few hours before use, sprouted grains (seeds) into the sun to form chlorophyll. Unused sprouts can be stored for several days in the refrigerator, sealed in a plastic container or jar. Rinse them with cold water every day.

Time steeping wheat is 12 hours, and during germination of 3 to 4 days. The ideal germination temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.
In exactly the same way they can germinate and other cereal grains and other seeds. It's the time soaking and germination differently. 

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