Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tips for drying vegetables

Carrots, kale, tomatoes, parsley root and green peppers to store vegetables, first wash, clean, peel, scratch (by type of vegetable), and then cut into small thin Ra┼żanac. Vegetables with salt, stir carefully and agree in a row on a wooden plank, so that when drying vegetable sticks to one another, do not bother. Board to place the vegetables in the sunlight until the vegetables are completely dry. To tip the drying it every day to all sides equally dry. Board with vegetables you every day till the sun entered the house, not to overnight moisture has accumulated. Dried vegetables put in cotton bags bij ele obj esito and the chilly, air-space. Before using the required amount of vegetables, soak in warm water to soften.

Mouth of parsley, celery and spices dry Mouth to agree to do more, tie and place them in the shade, and not at the sun. Completely dry the leaves put in jars and connect fabric.

MUSHROOMS Clean, wash, drain and cut into thin slices. Arrange them on a wooden plank and place in the sun.Proceed further as in drying vegetables.

FRENCH BEANS Wash, remove ends and strings them once and boil in slightly salted water. Drain them well and dry as the other vegetables in the sun.

PEA must be quite young. Remove it from the beans, place in bowl and sprinkle with sugar (1 kg to 8 grams of sugar peas). Together fry peas and sugar until ukuha juice that is released peas. Shake it on a wooden board and dry in bright sunlight week. Every day peas stir several times. Store dried beans in a white cloth bag and keep hanging in a cool, air place.

Dried Tomato. To dry in the most appropriate Italian tomatoes that dugoljasta and meaty. Wash tomatoes, dry and raspolovite. Arrange them on a wooden board or a large shallow wicker basket. Each piece of the tomatoes with salt, put the strong sun and dry for several days. Dried tomatoes put in a cloth bag and hang in cool air and space. Thus saved the tomatoes are used in addition to soups. 

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