Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stewed fruit

Steaming stored in various compotes. Cherries, cherries, plums and grapes store with stone and shell, and apricot and peach, save without the shell and kernel. Peel the pears and quinces and remove their seeds. In fruit peeling would not blackened, put it in a solution of water and citric acid. At one place the water and a pinch of citric acid. To apricots and peaches peeled easily, arrange them on the citrus and immersed in boiling water.Leave them in water for 5-10 minutes, then immediately peeling.

SYRUP FOR prepare syrup of sugar and water. How much will you put sugar in 1 liter of water, depending on the sweetness of the fruit. These ratios are common: 1 in water and 30 grams of sugar per 1 liter of water 50 grams sugar, 1 liter of water 1 kg sugar. The amount of syrup that is placed in special jars of stewed about 3 dl. Stewed fruit can be stored without steaming.

Stewed pears. Healthy, not too soft pears clean, peel and cut in half or if they are smaller, or larger if nańćetvoro.Remove the seeds and the rest of their flowers. Immediately after cleaning put them into cold water to which you add citric acid. Cleaned pear drain well and mix in the jars. The jars and fill with lukewarm boiled sugar and water solution. For 1 liter of water put 2 5 grams of sugar. Close the jars, wipe, and cook in steam for half an hour at 90 ° C.

Stewed peach or apricot. Ripe fruit peel and say, raspolovitc and remove them pitted. Peach or apricot halves in a stack of clean jars and pour the cooked and cooled syrup. For 1 liter of water put 25 grams to 50 grams of sugar. Jars tightly and cook by steaming 15 minutes at 90 ° C. Put the cooled jars in a cool place.

Plum preserves. Mature and hard fruits Wash, remove stems and prick them with a needle. Put them in jars, add a little cinnamon and cloves in a little rod. Pour the fruit boiled and cooled syrup. For 1 liter of water put 25-50 grams of sugar. Close the jars and boil for 15 minutes in steam at 90 ° C.

Stewed or cherry. And maintain a healthy mature fruit wash, remove stems and arrange them in jars. Add some cloves and cinnamon and pour the boiled and cooled syrup. For cherries: 1 l of water to put 25-50 grams of sugar, the cherries: the one I lead 60-70 grams of sugar. Close the jars and cook in steam for 10 minutes at 90 ° C.

Compote of grapes. Fresh grapes maintain a healthy and wash and drain well. Break up into small clusters of raisins, 2-3 in one grain. Do otkidati berries from the stalks. Arrange raisins into clean jars and pour the boiled and cooled syrup. For 1 liter of water put 50 grams of sugar. Jars tightly and cook in steam 10 - 15 minutes at 90 ° C.

Strawberry compote. Healthy and ripe strawberries clean, quick wash and drain well. In clean jars agree red berry, red sugar, and so long as you do not spend all the strawberries. The last line should be sugar. For 1 kg of strawberries put 30 grams of sugar. Strawberries leave to another day to settle, then fill the jar up to the end of the strawberries and sugar. Jars tightly and simmer for 75 ° C for about 10 - 15 minutes.

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