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Recommendations for the detoxification of the body

Although it is commonly known fact that during the winter consumes heavy and oily foods, it is not known what consequences this may have on our bodies. That is why periodic detoxification of the body during the winter months is mandatory. Just so, says Branko Mirkovic, nutritionists, shall preserve good health.

So, how serious the consequences of consuming fatty foods and would not be permanent and to regain strength and energy, give the body a quality cleaning. Detoxification of the body provides the best fruits and vegetables, water and teas. What, then, should not enter these days into the body corresponds Branko Mirkovic, a nutritionist.

World Health Organization recommendations that are entered into the body daily for at least two quarts of water. If you want to clean the body, then that amount should be greater. Those who forget to drink water regularly should immediately start the morning with a bottle of two liters of water. That way you can follow if you drink enough water. Water is the elixir of life and the best acting on the body, so think about how to enter the body in sufficient quantities.

This citrus your body will provide an excellent detoxification because vitamin C melt toxins and accelerates their exit from the body. It would be best to drink pure lemon drained, but if you can, squeezing a lemon into the water and thus make it drink. In such a drink do not add sugar because it will reduce the effect of vitamin C.

Green tea
This tea is widely known for its antioxidant properties. To say that it is the most precious liquid which can enter the body. In addition to cleanse the body of toxins, green tea will speed up the work of the liver, which further contributes to the clearance of the organism.

Although this is a vegetable does not say much, the fact is that this is a very healthy food. Cabbage effectively act on enzymes that are found in the liver, which enhances and speeds up detoxification. In addition, cabbage is a vegetable that has strong anticancer properties. Try to make these foods more often found in your menu.

Leafy vegetables
Kale, leeks, chicory, lettuce, lettuce and Swiss chard are perfect for cleansing the body. These vegetables contain chlorophyll, which removes the body from various types of toxins and thus relieve the liver. Green leafy vegetables are best eaten raw because then the effect of most of their properties, but if you can, then cook it by steaming. So you will save valuable nutritional properties of vegetables acclaimed.

Few foods can boast more than 200 substances that have antibacterial and antiviral activity. They call it a miracle of nature that perfectly cleans the body from various types of toxins. The secret of garlic is its ability to activate enzymes that help the liver work. Garlic is rich in vitamins that help the body.

This vegetable is rich in powerful antioxidant properties. Strengthens the immune system and prevents the formation of cancerous cells. A number of world experts advise eating regular broklija. However, less is known and broccoli sprouts have beneficial properties that appear 50 times stronger than mature broccoli. Broccoli sprouts can be bought in the shops of a healthy diet.

Plantain is an herb that is not so common in the daily diet, which is actually a disadvantage. The plantain contains plenty of soluble fiber that absorbs toxins and cholesterol. In this way, harmful substances can be quickly and easily ejected from the body. It is very good and plantain powder added to drinks, and is used to improve digestion.

Take a weekend to detox

It is best that these foods that are specified by combining them included in the menu and consumed as food.Start your day with warm lemonade, you'll drink in small sips, without the usual daily rush. Then cook the green tea and drink it all day, tepid. Next, cook the soup of different vegetables, add some dried herbs. When it boils reduce the heat and cook for less. Make sure the vegetables are cooked enough fork. You should feel a slight resistance. The vegetables make sure it is not good when it raskuva vegetables. The broth or pottage (blendirano vegetables), you can add other spices to taste, pepper to speed metabolism, anyone who helps digestion ...

The main meal
Braised sweet and sour cabbage with garlic and black water with very little oil. Pour oil over tsp. Add cooked brown rice, polenta or boiled potatoes. Spices to taste. Add ground cumin and beans.

Roasted pumpkin or apple

Short water paints broccoli, mix the egg with nonfat yogurt and add the spices. Pour the broccoli and bake in preheated oven. When golden brown, cool slightly and enjoy.

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