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The proper combination of foods

How many times did you happen to feel after a meal sluggishness and bloat? This is because you entered in one meal foods that should not be taken concurrently. That body would be poisoned by toxins, you need to know to properly combine foods

The proper combination of ingredients includes separate protein-rich food intake and food containing carbohydrates. Between taking these two groups of foods must pass at least two hours. Digestion of food containing carbohydrates (vegetables, grains, fruits) begins in the mouth under the influence of saliva and digestion of foods that contain protein (meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, peas, beans, lentils) begins in the stomach under the influence of hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

Very soon after the transition to this diet, your body will release toxins that result from inadequate nutrition.

Immediately move to a healthy diet and be careful to combine ingredients.
Dr Shelton believes that it is not necessary period of adjustment and the sudden transition from an unhealthy to a healthy diet does not represent any danger for the organism. What is the transition faster, your body will release toxins before. The easiest way to move from an unhealthy to a healthy diet is starvation. After fasting person discover a new taste of food without adding sugar and salt, and manages to overcome the desire for coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

According to Dr. Shelton, the man ate much less food at one meal if you eat only one type of food. In it we can for yourself. If you eat one veggie, the faster we get enough, but when you eat two vegetables. The diversity of food is a trigger for overeating and gluttony.

Start your day with fruit.
Fruits contain numerous minerals, vitamins, sugar in the most favorable form for the digestion and absorption, and above all is delicious. However, fruit is a universal food, because it does not contain enough protein, calcium and vitamin A. Dr. Shelton advised to eat only fresh fruit because it is healthier than dry. Canned and dried fruits often has no nutritional value and is just a treat. Fruits should be eaten as a special meal. Three fruit for one meal should meet the requirements of adults.

Eat lots of salads
Leafy vegetables are indispensable in the diet of man and there is no fruit that can replace him. Leafy vegetables contain complex proteins corresponding to proteins of the human body. Grains, root vegetables and fruits do not contain enough protein complex. It would be best to save up to 4 salad vegetables (without seasoning). Are most suitable for salad: cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, parsley and celery. Cabbage contains 10 times more calcium than lettuce. Not recommended intake of large quantities of bitter vegetables such as onions and radishes.

DAILY eats several WALNUT
Walnuts contain a sufficient quantity of all types of proteins that are essential for the human body. In addition, they contain a large amount of easily misleading fats, minerals, vitamins and sugar. Dr. Shelton recommended that the main source of protein are nuts, not meat.

Limit your intake of FAT
Fat that enters the body (butter, oil, sour cream, etc.). Slow down the digestive process, especially the absorption of proteins. Thus they lead to the retention of food in the stomach, bloating, and intoxication of the liver and kidneys. Dr. Shelton advised that the fat added to food after preparation and not during it, and not to bring along with protein.

Drink only plain water
Water is an ideal drink for the man. Everything else belongs or foods (fruit juices, milk) or toxins (coffee, tea, cocoa, wine). Those who are left behind after long term use of coffee or tea will suffer from headaches. However, they only last a few days. The water should be drunk only when we feel thirsty and not during meals.

Discontinue the use of salt and other spices
These substances are neither useful nor necessary body. One taste buds change and slow the digestion of food.That which does not like the unseasoned food, Dr. Shelton advised to skip a meal. At the beginning of his food will be bland and tasteless, but soon it will be nerve endings and taste buds regenerate man will experience a new flavor and beautiful, until then unknown to the tastes of food. People who have stopped using the salt will have frequent need to urinate. It will disappear as soon as you release the body of accumulated salts.

Milk should be taken between meals or entirely dispensed from the diet
Milk is a natural food mammalian offspring. All mammals produce milk that specifically meets the needs of their offspring. Dr. Shelton draws attention to the baby takes the milk separately and not together with other foods.The milk is not absorbed in the stomach than in dvanćstopalačnom intestine. That is why stomach juices secreted when the milk is in it. It interferes with absorption of other foods, taken together with milk.

DO NOT EAT Cantaloupe and watermelon with other food
Dr. Shelton advised that the watermelon and cantaloupe always entered as a special meal. In his opinion these foods break down quickly in the stomach and cause disruption of its function when used with other foods. If taken separately, the fruit passes quickly through the stomach and is an excellent food for man. Those who complain that they do not like melon and watermelon, you will notice that, especially if they are entered (but not between meals), enjoy them without any diskonfora and unexpected consequences.

Eat only when you are relaxed. If you are a bad mood food you eat is not digested. All during the meal unpleasant conversations disturb the digestion process. If you are upset, you better skip a meal. Deep breathing for 5 minutes to completely soothe the psyche, and after half an hour you can eat.

Do not talk while eating, chew food well and be aware of what you eat.
During the meal, if you just Jeko thirsty, you drink warm water.
Eat foods in body temperature. Avoid too hot or cold food.
Do not eat immediately before and after work - take a break.
Eat only when you feel the need for food.

Do not eat too soon. San never cause hunger and an early breakfast takes effect. In the morning, rested a man does not want to eat and this is normal, because I have not been expended energy. Eat breakfast at around 9 am when the stomach starts to work. You can have breakfast on two occasions: eg. about 9 h grab an apple or two carrots, and later, when it rose a real hunger, create abundant breakfast.

15 minutes before a meal do not drink anything. Water before and after eating disturbs digestion. During the meal, you can drink a few sips of hot water. After a meal of fruit liquid is taken after 30 minutes, after starch foods after 2 hours after a protein-rich foods after 4 hours.

Starvation is the safest way to defend yourself from many diseases. The sick man is likely to recover, if you force the disposal of spent on defense against disease, but the digestion of food. If you are starving and cleanse the body proper nutrition, physical activity will become anxious and thus strengthen your body and lose weight.Fear of aging is one of the biggest fears that accompanies humanity. Knowing the rules of fasting, you will succeed to slow down your biological clock. Jednodnevim starvation during the week and seven-day fasting three times a year, will eliminate all toxins from the muscles and joints. Starvation is the only way to clean the body of pesticides and drugs.
How to recognize the toxicity of the organism?
Your body is poisoned if you have:

unexplained fatigue
headaches of uncertain cause
abnormal secretion: a wet cough, allergic conjunctivitis, rhinitis, various rashes;
islands of the legs or face
gall colic
feeling of bloating and discomfort in the stomach
bad breath
Crunch door swiveling to one side

If you are never hungry, it's best to start jednodnevim starvation during the week. Later, you can go a long starvation (from 4 to 7 days) every 3-4 months. Starvation will be effective only if the before and after him lead a healthy lifestyle.

First Three days before the start of starvation gradually switch to a vegetarian diet. Before bed take tea with senna (natural laxative).
Choose a drink that suits you best. During the day, every hour, drink a glass of one of the following beverages:
a) Tea Pomegranate - 10 berries to 2 liters of boiling water;
b) water with lemon and honey - a few drops of lemon juice and 1/4 teaspoon of honey in a glass of water;
c) St. John's wort tea - 1-2 teaspoons to a cup of boiling water, allow to stand overnight;
d) mineral water.

During the day drink at least 2 liters of fluid.
Second Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and cleaning the tongue with a spoon 2 times a day.
Third Physical activity is compulsory, as well as relaxation massage.
4th Take a shower two or three times a day (must have finished showering with cold water). Is excreted through the skin a lot of toxins, which thus removed.
5th Make sure that the day be surrounded by cheerful people.

Exit the famine must last as long as only starvation.

First Drink a glass of warm water to which you add the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of honey.
Second After half an hour, take 100 g of fresh fruit juice. Drink it slowly, as if "you chew."
Third After an hour, eat peeled grated apple.
4th After two hours you can eat with grated carrot mash of oats.

During the day:
First Drink tea with lemon and honey. After half an hour, take a fruit (apple half + half a pear). After half an hour, eat a walnut, steamed vegetables on a small piece sunflower oil and dry bread.
Second Eat 100-150 g of yogurt.

First Drink tea with lemon and honey.
Second At 18 h grab some fruit.
Third At 19 h, eat some low fat cheese.
If you are starved for two days, going from starvation to be guided by the following scheme:
First Vegetables and Fermented food and nuts (up to 5 pcs.).
Second Gradually introduce margarine.
Third Eat three times a day vegetarian food.
Starvation never stop taking food rich in protein (meat, cheese, fish).

severe form of tuberculosis, breast feeding, the second half of pregnancy, Basedow's disease, all endocrine disease, severe diabetes, the final stages of oncological diseases with patient immobility, acute illness requiring surgical approach, cirrhosis of the liver and kidneys, organic diseases of the central nervous system, a strong inflammatory processes in the body (abscesses, gangrene), severe degree of malnutrition (older people), mental illness and mental retardation, sleep disturbances, impaired electrocardiogram (heart rate over 100/min).

So is food! Do not be digested and the body can not use it. Has no nutritional value, moreover, is very harmful and can lead to kidney, bladder, heart and blood vessels. Also, so can cause water retention in the tissues, destruction and damage kalicijuma lining of the digestive system. Sodium, which is the body needs, you can get from beets, carrots and other plant foods.
Nutritionists say that the four-day fasting excreted all the excess salt from the body and body fat can be solved.Instead of salt you use natural spices such as garlic.

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