Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Potatoes in a hundred ways

Potatoes as carrots

Salt mashed potatoes, stir in a little flour, shape the mixture as small carrots, eggs and roll in bread crumbs and cooked in fat, and then serve it with a little green parsley, carrots instead of lists.

Rolls and loaf of potato

Squash a few hot potatoes, mixed it with fried onions and parsley, egg, one tablespoon of sour cream and salt and flour with a little dough. The dough rolled out thick fingers, mold removal pokladica / vadim round donut shapes, or take a mold of rolls. Forms agree on pan smeared with grease and cooked on both sides.

Potato Fritters

Make a paste of 5 potatoes, 1 egg, 1 egg yolk and 3 grams of butter, salt and flour, or just the potatoes with salted egg yolks, rolled out and mold it vadim small fritters that roll in egg and bread crumbs and cooked in fat.

The arches of the potato

20 grams of butter mixed with 20 grams of flour (crumbled) add 20 grams of cold propasiranog potatoes, salt and 2 egg yolks, make a quick dough, rolled out again and we agree it like dough with butter, and repeat three times. When it last time and rolled out, cut longitudinal patches, then top them with butter or egg wash, sprinkle parmesan cheese and ecem the molds in the form of an arc.

Potato with butter

Potatoes that are cooked in a little water put in the shell ("shell") or peeled, or peeled raw and cooked by steaming, hot bowl in the towel and serve with fresh butter or butter flavored with anchovies or fine herbs / spices.

Broadcast potatoes

Small round or rounded cook potatoes with salt and caraway, Peel and oily butter and parsley. Larger potatoes cut into cubes or Peel and halve them before cooking, and through them we put shredded onions that we previously roasted in butter or bacon. Or to put anyone on the fat and cut the potatoes into slices and serve immediately.

English-style potatoes

Small raw peeled potatoes are cooked by steaming, spill hot with butter and salt.

Potatoes with anchovies

prepared in the same way we removed the bones and cut them finely and use them instead of the port.

Fried potatoes

Raw peeled potatoes cut into slices, salt and put in hot butter, add some soup and stew covered for 1/2 hours. Or we cut thick slices on the side pieces and stewing in the butter, add a little chopped parsley and garlic.

French fries

Cooked, still warm potatoes cut into slices, the fat zažutimo finely cut onion rings and onion and fry potatoes on it, partly to get brown.

Braised potatoes

Quality mealy potatoes do not have to cut, but it just so mash and fry them in fat as Mutvar »Šmarna." Hot mashed potatoes salt a round loaf shape, with both sides of fry in butter, until they get brown. Vadim pieces like dumplings of potatoes - mashed (for this spoon
dipped in hot fat) and fry them until they get a nice brown color.

Roast potatoes

Raw potato walnut-sized or smaller, peel the skin, wash it and dry, put on a very hot butter or lard for baking, sprinkle it with salt and bake covered, often turn to him from all sides got a nice brown color. Often add fat. The same procedure with boiled potatoes. Large potatoes cut into slices and bake in the same way.

American potatoes

Raw coal potatoes cut into thin slices and leave them 1/2 hours in cold water. Then we put them in a bowl, pour milk, cooked 1/2 hours on high heat, adding salt, pepper and bits of butter.

Baked potato floured

Peel the raw potatoes, cut into slices, salt and roll in flour and cooked in fat.

Fried potatoes

Make a light brown sauce with fried onions, boil it with a little vinegar, thyme and bay leaf and stir in to the hot potatoes, cut into slices or cubes.

Potato with butter sauce

Can make a light roux with butter and green parsley and add cooked potatoes cut into cubes or slices.
Or the raw peeled potatoes cut into slices with salt, simmered in butter with garlic and a little broth until tender and browned, and cooked in butter sauce with parsley, pepper and ginger.

Potatoes with smoked sausage-

For a lot of butter and finely cut parsley lightly fried sausage that is not too thin. When you remove the fat, take off the skin and sausage cut into slices / Shredder, the fat fry one tablespoon of flour and boil with strong broth, salt and pepper. In this quick greasy sauce put boiled potatoes cut into slices and fried it in minutes. Then the mold buttered and sprinkled with bread crumbs overlaid pieces of sausage, fine layer of potatoes, a layer of sausage, put an end to the crumbs and butter and bake in the oven. When done pour the compound and serve with salad.

Potatoes with sour cream and smoked meat

Boiled potatoes cut into slices placed in a mold buttered and sprinkled with bread crumbs, sour cream over it with ham, potatoes again, butter and bread crumbs and baked together in the oven.

Potatoes with herring

Clean the herring bone, we cut finely, mix with sour cream and potatoes, which are still hot cut into slices, and bake.

Potatoes with eggs

Mix the sour cream and potatoes, and below that, put thin slices of hard boiled eggs.

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