Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mushrooms are healthy in winter

It has long cultivated edible mushrooms and is therefore a great offer and winter. According to the Viennese professor Hademar Bankhofer winter mushrooms that are grown are healthier than the wild forest.

In Austria and Germany each week to collect about 400 tons of mushrooms. This amount has been increased imports from the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Many of these mushrooms are labeled "Bio." Unlike the fungi in nature, which are burdened by serious metals and radioactive cesium in part, grown mushrooms are exempt from all this.

A computer-controlled plant breeding stations in the right climate with artificial autumn rain and the ideal temperature. Mycelium - or a combination of mushrooms, which grow underground and over time develop into mushrooms, spread on straw, sawdust, clay, rye, the wheat, oats with lime and gypsum. Depending on the type of fungus, it takes several weeks or months.

From wild mushrooms should not be consumed per week more than 200 to 250 grams. Young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers children should not eat wild mushrooms. While cultivated mushrooms are free to enter into the body.

Growing mushrooms is no longer anything new nor complicated. Therefore, it is advisable prof. Bankhofer, proper nutrition and healthy food is something that each of us should know what is.

Fungi consist of 90 percent water, almost no fat at all and have very few calories. One organism supplying valuable materials such as proteins, ballasts matter, potassium, which is great for the heart, nerves and digestion. They contain iron neopgodno blood and vitality. All mushrooms are rich in vitamin B2 and it is necessary for the eyes and skin.

Fungi provide us with vitamin D - essential bone, gut, immunity and mood.

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