Sunday, April 22, 2012

The influence of fruit and vegetables on health

Plan optimal diet includes enough fruits and vegetables that give beauty dish, and body health. Fruits and vegetables are rich in valuable nutrients that are extremely favorable for the organism

PINEAPPLE - Helps indigestion, and dissolved materials that make it difficult to digest. Doctors recommend it for obese people who want to lose weight.

BLUEBERRY - Destroys bacteria. Blueberry extract that can be bought in pharmacies is used for preserving vision.

ALMOND - Opens appetite. Almond milk removes make-up and excellent skin food. If you have excess protein in their urine should avoid almond oil.

BANANA - stimulates growth of the organism.
PEACH - Of all the fruit keeps best regular chair. Juice is good for your face.

GARLIC - medicine against asthma, respiratory disease, arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Onions - Used with a cold. In one cup of milk boiled onion. Strain, sweeten and drink immediately.

DUNJA - Extremely effective against wrinkles. Lotion quince is easily prepared. Koru two quinces keep submerged in brandy (alcohol) for 15 days. Strain and add the same amount of rose water.

GRAPES - You need to eat in the morning because it works better. It enriches the body with mineral salts. Fresh juice is refreshing and good for the complexion.

Dylan - It is a tool for reconstruction of the nervous system. Stewed apples used in digestion.

STRAWBERRY - Tea prepared from leaves of strawberries (30 g per liter of water), sweetened with honey, it is recommended to smokers in the morning. More tea (100g in 1l water) reduces pain in the kidneys and treat diarrhea.
The mask of pure strawberry complexion, removes puffiness of the eyelids. It is made like this: Soka fresh strawberries add a tablespoon of rose water, and add one egg white with snow. Hold on to face ½ hours and rinsed with water, then rosewater.

CUCUMBER - Rubbing the cucumber to remove stains from the skin pigmentation.

POTATO - rings or grated potatoes are placed on minor burns. Raw grated and placed against the swollen eyes, eyelids and dark circles. It has an excellent skin cleanser. The water in which potatoes were cooked an excellent anti-allergic lotion skin changes.

PEAR - medicine against arthritis.

BLACKBERRY - juice or syrup made from blackberry is a great tool to combat coughs.

CABBAGE - If you cook cabbage in milk will produce against bronchitis. The water in which boiled cabbage is excellent for the skin. Juice extracted from a head of cabbage mixed with two tablespoons of sugar removes the consequences of drunkenness.

LEMON - kills germs. It is recommended to those who have a sick heart and liver. An effective treatment for the digestive system. Dissolves fatty substances, and younger women with oily skin complexion improves, a senior at preventing wrinkles.

RASPBERRY - improves appetite and improves digestion. Raspberry leaves have the same properties as the leaves and strawberries. It is also recommended to relieve coughs.

APRICOT - It is recommended that intellectuals because it contains elements that strengthen the nervous system.

CARROT - is necessary for healthy vision, growth and development. Packs of carrots used in the treatment of ulcers. It is effective in urinary disorders. Carrot juice mixed with orange juice if you drink in the morning is good for the skin.

ORANGE - Facilitates digestion. Improves blood test, used for face and skin. Just a slice of orange massage the face. Leave to act for half an hour, then wash face with lukewarm water.

WALNUT - works well against worms. Juice of walnuts treated lichens. If the spread walnut leaves will prevent you from being bitten by wasps.

PAPRIKA - inflammation of the joints should be lit place to rub pepper.

Leek - The water in which the cooked leeks have diuretic properties.

RIBIZ - juice and currant jelly is recommended for people with impaired liver. Facilitate digestion.

FIG - against bad digestion works well with fig compote.

SPINACH - Used for arthritis, rheumatism, stomach pain, or poor liver.

CHERRY - A medicine is constipation. Tea of ​​the petals is known as a tool for regulating urination.

GREEN SALAD - You need to eat to prevent neurosis. Improves sleep. Insomnia can be used in tea form.

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