Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ginger is a miracle plant

Ginger is great for detoxifying the body, awakens the sexual energy, vitality, and deletes spring fatigue. It was a real treat.

It is extremely important for women - reduces the symptoms of PMS, said to have positive effects on polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and improves circulation to the uterus and pelvis.

All the "distorted", hunchbacked and deformed, but full of life, ginger, this amazing rice (bulbous root), and inflame passions and pleasures. A way to use it in dishes depends on the wishes of the individual and indeed it is in their food can be matched with any taste .

Multiple beneficial

It appears as an integral part of many traditional medicines. Thus, fresh ginger into the preparations which are intended to calm the broncho-pulmonary irritation. Always in the composition with other plants, is used: for the strong suppression of diarrhea, against high cholesterol, to reduce swelling, and dry, is recommended for: treatment of chronic asthma (outside attack), for the treatment of bronchial dilatiranih (angina and inflammation of the nose and throat ), respiratory difficulties and intestinal cramps. Activates and enhances blood flow in polycystic ovaries and its activity enhances the warming of the uterus and pelvis.

Why ginger is called "hot" plant?

Ginger is cultivated in central and southern part of China. Washes it with water, then cut into slices. Because this is a "hot" plant, simply removing the inner coolness. Fresh ginger (called Sheng Jiang) warms the meridians of the body, stomach, strengthens the digestive tract, lungs, stomach and spleen, soothe headaches caused by circulatory disorders because thins the blood, thus facilitating access to inputs brain.

Rhizome (bulbous root) and ginger is recommended for depression because the organism returns to its equilibrium, is a natural antitoxin, which improves circulation. Many are its effective operation, and are difficult to specify all here. In any case, hardly can be said that this miraculous plant.

Recipes with ginger

"Hand" of ginger should be smooth, with no signs of dryness. Then not fibrous, and it should peel one side of a small spoon, because its flavor is concentrated just below the skin. Full of antioxidants and digestible essential oils, enhances the beneficial effects of light meals.

Season with avocado and other raw ingredients of a preparation of ginger: Take a piece of ginger and squeeze the juice out of it which add the same amount of oil.

For better flavor soups or cooked meat or fish cooked insert 10 ginger leaves in half liter of water, add it sprouts and soy meat or fish fillets.

If fried vegetables in a wok grate 1 clove garlic, citronella Clothes + 1 (high aromatic herb that grows in Sri Lanka) + 3 cm ginger.

Light beverage of ginger can be prepared from: a pint of water drained lemon + 2 + 30 g of grated ginger.

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