Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Germs in food

Some people consider germs very tasty and healthy food, while most people only mention of their cause, unfortunately, the outcry.
Very few people actually know that germs are not only very healthy food, but food is very rich in nutrients.

When the edible seeds (or legum) beans, lentils, mung beans (Chinese origin), soybeans, peas, etc.. leave it long enough and wet enough conditions to germinate and continued on, coming to the formation of germs.
One of the main reasons is considered very healthy sprouts is that during germination, ie. germination there is a higher nutritional value of the seeds several times more than before germination. It seems very healthy sprouts addition to any meal.

When the seeds are left to germinate only with regular watering and lack of oxygen, it goes through the following phases and processes:

decomposition of complex greases
starch is converted into primary (non-complex) sugars
proteins are broken down to amino acids
Minerals are transmitted in different parts of the seed
comes to the creation of new nutrients
Nutritional Value
The data on the nutritional value of young men gathered on the basis of information supplied by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture).
Among these data contain information about the different nutrients, which can greatly contribute to improving the diet and who can do more than sound, which is reflected in our general health.
Sprouts contain most of the water, protein and carbohydrates and very little fat and calories.

The ingredients
Bean sprouts, lentils, mung beans, soya beans and peas contain enough minerals, vitamins and other healing ingredients such as:
Vitamin C
vitamin B-6
vitamin a
Medicinal properties

Speaking about the positive effects of the germs of our general health, it should be noted the following:
contribute to improving digestion
salads containing the germ is still richer in nutrients and medicinal ingredients (vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber) than ordinary lettuce
extremely rich in protein and amino acids
are of great help to people trying to lose excess weight
contain large amounts of antioxidants, which are crucial when it comes to the prevention of several types of disease is extremely hazardous to our health, including cancer
are completely organic and contain no toxins, no cholesterol, but they are nevertheless a good source of essential fatty acids

From the above we see that the seeds of these plants should be used in food, or as a main dish or as an addition to salads and dishes.

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