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Ceramic "eco" more dangerous than the Teflon pans

Have you read the dangers of Teflon, decided to throw the kitchen Teflon cookware? 
Are you looking for new, safer and healthier dishes?
Are you perhaps caught the eye of those beautiful white pots and pans with a "revolutionary" ceramic coating?
Although the reports that they are "green", "eco" and "healthy", these pans are perhaps more dangerous than Teflon.

Why Teflon cookware should not be in your kitchen

If you have not read about the harmful effects of Teflon, we will briefly state the reasons why you should avoid it:
Contrary to what the commercials say, Teflon can not stand temperatures at which food is prepared.

Teflon pans when heated at a temperature of 240-350 ° C leads to the disintegration of Teflon and the toxic vapors.

At these temperatures, releasing large quantities of fluorinated acid, and tetrafluoretilena heksafluorpropena tiny nanoparticles and Teflon.

At even higher temperatures (which can be achieved, leaving an empty pan on the fire just 3 minutes), it release more harmful toxins and perfluorizobuten karbonilfluorid.

Tetrafluoretilen, perfluoroktanska perfluorizobuten acids are carcinogens and are ten times more toxic than the conventional battlefield and phosgene poison monofluoroctene acids that can cause death in low concentrations.

Teflon is a product of the polymer industry, which during World War II used in the manufacture of nuclear bombs.

PFC compounds containing Teflon are toxic and biodegradable and eventually accumulate in the environment.

PFC disturbs hormonal balance in the body can cause many types of cancer, damage the immune system and prevents the normal development of the fetus.

The smart choice is out of Teflon cookware kitchen. But what to replace it? What is a healthy dishes, and who is not? And so just replace the pan for pancakes?!
Today we can see in the supermarkets of white and colored pans and cookware sets neprijanjajućim with a ceramic coating. They look very attractive and make it as healthy alternatives to Teflon cookware.
Unfortunately, although they were written that are environmentally friendly and healthy, this is far from the truth.

Why are ceramic coated pans with poor substitute for Teflon

Pans with ceramic coatings neprijanjajućim appeared recently on the market.
Their production is possible thanks to advances in technology.
It is a "revolutionary" coating that consists of ceramic nanoparticles that are glued to the pan with a special adhesive.
The first concern is the use of adhesives.
We asked the producers how this adhesive behaves at high temperatures and scratches, and the amount of adhesive that is released into the food. The answer we got.
But what really concerns the use of nanoparticles.
The problem is that nanotechnology is a entirely new branch of science. Nanoproizvodi began to sell without spending additional research and monitoring.
It is not entirely clear how nanoparticles affect our health and the environment.
We started to use the washing machine, antibacterial socks and cosmetics with nano silver.
Then we realized that the silver nanoparticles entering the environment and alter the natural balance of microorganisms in nature. This is why many products with nano silver hastily withdrawn from the market.

Manufacturers nanokeramičkih pan should answer the following questions: How many nanoparticles are released into the air? How many food enter the body? How they behave in our bodies?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question because you will soon have technology to measure nanoparticles emitted does not exist!
Results of research on the effects of nanoparticles on human body and environment concern. It was found that nanoparticles behave in a very aggressive way.

It seems that nanoparticles are more dangerous and more toxic than other materials because of their small size and increased reactivity. (ETC group)
Nanoparticles quickly entering our body. Are small and mobile and are therefore not recognized by the immune system.
particle size of 70 nanometers are stored deep in our lungs,
particle size of 50 nanometers easily enter our cells,
particle size of 30 nanometers cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain

Does this sound safe?

A healthy alternative to Teflon pans and nanokeramičkim

The question remains: what to replace the Teflon cookware?
Cookware stainless steel, high-quality enamel ware, glass, clay and earthenware (not nano!) Are great and healthy dishes for preparing food.
As for baking cakes and other sticky foods, best results are shown in cast iron frying pan (cast iron) to evenly distribute the heat and allow cooking without sticking.
These pans are a little more heat and are relatively heavy, but it is very easy to peru and are healthy.
Our recommendations are pans made of cast iron with enamel glaze by Le Crueseta that have demonstrated excellent results when baking.
This washer has a long tradition and many professional chefs think it deserves the best, most reliable and healthiest dishes.

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