Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Calories in fruit

Some will advise you to eat fruits in abundance, because it does not cause obesity, others will, however, argue that this is a total lie. The truth is somewhere halfway.

First, ask yourself how much you consume daily fruits.

Did you know that pure fruit juices or fruit a day can bring a few hundred calories.

Why after eaten grapes or strawberries do not feel satiety?

Finally, the fruit contains the most sugar?

Nutritionists advise that we had to eat five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, ideally, two servings of fruits and three vegetables.

But if you overdo it with fruit intake in the body, you would enter too much fructose (fruit sugar).

Therefore, you must not forget that fruit is full of fructose, which does not make you feel full.

When we eat other types of sugar that the body releases insulin into the brain sends a signal that we have eaten enough.

High levels of insulin decreased appetite, and since fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion, the brain receives a message that we are full.

How much sugar is hidden in fruit?

Unless otherwise stated, all measures are related to one piece of fruit:

• Apricot 0.45 g of fructose (a pinch of sugar)
• Clementine 0.5 g of fructose (a pinch)
• Plum 1.6 g fructose (just a pinch more)
• fresh figs 2 g of fructose (half teaspoon)
• 8 cherries 2.4 g fructose (half teaspoon)
• slice of melon 3 g fructose (more than half a teaspoon)
• Kiwi 3 g fructose (more than half a teaspoon)
• Orange 3.6 g fructose (more than half a teaspoon)
• 4 strawberries 5 g of fructose (nearly the whole teaspoon)
• hours of orange juice 5 g of fructose (tsp)
• banana 5.5 g fructose (tsp)
• 6 small mango g fructose (tsp)
• Grapefruit 7 g fructose (teaspoon and a half)
• handful of raisins 8.7 g fructose (nearly two teaspoons)
• apple from 8 to 11 g fructose (about two teaspoons)
• Pear 11 g fructose (two teaspoons)
• handful of dried apple pieces 8 g of fructose (and scoop)
• 500 g of grapes 39 g fructose (nearly eight teaspoons)

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