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Why we love so much coffee?

Why we love so much "devil's fruit '?
Good morning. Time for coffee.
Not only you, but still millions of women around the world every morning enjoying coffee, and that no one knows its history. However, it is not known exactly when he first cultivated, but some believe it was 675th in the vicinity of the Red Sea in Arabia. Others argue that it is a 900th year, and Ethiopia, a third to a 575th year and region of Yemen.
The effect of coffee on the body is known to everyone, so i drink it every morning, but first random testing was performed on skin from Ethiopia. Her guardian Kaldi noticed that after eating red berries from a tree began unusually hyperactive behavior and hop on their hind legs. This led to the guard and I try miraculous berries and he suddenly got the energy. Thus, the discovery of Kaldi discovered the village, and especially to priests who have liked and the berries can stay awake and pray more. Secret "devil fruit," as they called coffee, and spread through monasteries around the world.

But there is also a legend that originated in Arabia, and says that several Arab exiles who were driven into the desert to die of starvation, surviving only through the consumption of coffee berries. For residents of the nearby town of Moche it was a miracle, and in honor of the event this plant and drink from it gets called mocha.

Aphrodisiac for women

The cultivation of coffee was rare until the 15th century, when he performed extensive planting of coffee trees in the region of Yemen in Arabia. The use of coffee spread from there to the Arabian peninsula and later via the Ottoman Empire to Turkey. Although today most often used coffee as a beverage, the Ethiopian tribe of Galla Coffee is used by the zamatalo coffee beans in animal fat. On the other hand, the Turks are considered an aphrodisiac coffee and women in Turkey were well supplied with the food product. If rejected by their husbands after coffee consumption would have offered him one, for women it was a legitimate cause which they considered sufficient for divorce.

Popularity of coffee at that time was the highest in Arabia for the Islamic faith as Muslims because of religion must not consume alcohol. This can be interpreted that the effects on the body after consumption of coffee is very similar to those after the consumption of alcohol. The Arabs called qahwa maker, and the fact that it is their substitute for alcohol, was known as "Arabian wine".

Christians are generally held as "Devil's Fruit" and "devil's drink." Because they wanted to destroy all the trees, but after the pope tried and thrilled the coffee did not let something like that disappear from the earth.

Annually 400 million cups of coffee

The present form of beverage from the coffee was invented in the late 15th century, when it is accepted that includes processing of coffee roasting, grinding and pouring hot water. Kiva Han, the world's first coffee shop opened in 1475th in Istanbul. Europe is aware of the coffee in the early days of 17th century. As with anything new that appears in the world, so the coffee has launched a multitude of controversial debate in Europe, so by some bore the name of the "bitter invention of the devil's."

The first cafe was opened in Italy 1645th year, while in England the first coffee shop opened 1652nd year. Soon after England had about 300 cafes. This trend continued to follow other European countries. European coffeehouses became centers of social events where people can gather a variety of profiles.

Franz Georg Kolschitzky is responsible for opening the first central European cafes. His creativity has left traces on the present form of beverage of coffee with his invention of the coffee filter, sweetening and adding milk. In the mid 17th century, coffee was in New York was voted favorite morning beverage while taking the title of beer.In the early 20th century, afternoon coffee has become the rule in Germany and has created the term "Kaffee Klatsch". This notion is represented in Germany, women gossiping on these occasions, while outside Germany celebrated a relaxed conversation.

Espresso originated only 1,901th years and is credited to Luigi Bezzera, and to date, these espresso machines had a lot of design changes. Nowadays there are so many coffee lovers that each year more than 400 million drinks a cup of coffee, so without any restraint can say that coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide and is difficult to imagine what it will be removed from the throne in the future.

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