Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stuffed vegetables

Stuffed Zucchini

We cut the same pieces of pumpkin, rout them, boiled, filled with the filling of your choice or fried in slices of bacon with a little soup and whole tomatoes. When serving juice over the zucchini propasiramo. »Zucjete" in the form prepared as stuffed cucumber pickles.

Stuffed celery

Peel boiled roots, rout them, filled with the filling of pork and venison, and fried until they are finished.

Stuffed Tomatoes

Cut off lids, and fill out the meat raw chopped meat and rice and fried slices of bacon.

Stuffed Artichokes

Artichokes are at the bottom of a just cut a leaf is cut off tops, remove core and cook artichokes then each leaf in the middle of applying a filling ležiran pour yolk with a little sauce of butter and fried 1/2 hours.

Filled the lower parts of artichoke fondue and false

Remove all the leaves and the lower parts (the inner part of the artichoke) fill stuffing poultry, prepared with fine herbs, add the butter all over the crumbs and fried just like the fried artichokes.

Stuffed onions

Peel onions mid-size e size, and cut off a slice of onion rout. We fill with the filling of veal, mutton or venison roast, put in a pot with them on high heat in butter simmered with sugar, salt, pepper, a little soup and vinegar, and
do not get brown.

Stuffed Cucumbers
Peel cucumbers washed green, they cut off one end and remove the meat, izdubivši it evenly. The cavity filled mince beef, then top end of the egg, put it on the angled part of the cucumber, fried or bacon and stew until soft and slightly acidified with boil sauce and sour cream, then cut into slices and served as a garnish meat.

Stuffed kolerabice
Small nicely rounded kolerabicama cut off lids, peel them, extruded with a small knife or spoon specific as possible and not to break or do not blow it, we cook them in the flat pan of water or soup osoljenoj but kolerabice not be too soft. Vadim kolerabicu one by one, we fill chopped pork, or veal ragout, put the lid Arrange the dish in a sauce with a little butter and simmered for a while. They can be used as a vegetable or meat garnish. For filling we can also use finely cut meat turkeys, chickens, etc., with as much ham, mashed and softened bun, with fine spices / herbs, and egg yolks.

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