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The secret of red wine

Resveratrol - the secret benefits of red wine
In vino veritas - in wine there is truth
Often mentioned French paradox implies a rather dense and greasy food the French, but also significantly lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases compared to other countries, especially America.
It all began in 1990. when the American journalist Edward Dolnick first publicly announced the idea of ​​prof. dr.Richard Jacques on the Mediterranean diet to protect health and the important role of red wine in the Mediterranean countries, especially in France, traditionally consumed with meals.
After that, many scientists began to explore the Mediterranean diet and food ingredients that could explain this phenomenon.
I then discovered resveratrol, a substance in red wine that protects the grapes from mildew.
It is produced in larger quantities if the wet years, and more mold attacks the grapes, and if a dry year and there is no mold, creating a less resveratrol.
Analysis of resveratrol in red wine are expensive, making wine is still no declaration of its contents.

The effect of resveratrol
Resveratrol is one of the powerful antioxidants and has a number of beneficial effects on health: preventing paralysis of the heart muscle, slows the clotting of blood, preventing the formation of aggregates (plaques) in brain and blood vessels, is beneficial in inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes.
The mechanism of action of resveratrol has not been fully explained. Some research has brought the use of resveratrol in connection with extending the life line of the tested animals.
It is assumed that one way could be the impact on mitochondrial function, protect cell membranes and cellular structures from oxidation.

Protecting the heart and blood vessels
The most important application of resveratrol is related to the protection of blood vessels and heart.
Specifically, resveratrol prevents / limits cardiac fibrosis - a fairly common cause of death. It is a condition caused by elevated pressure, and consists of a rapid activation of cells that secrete collagen and eventually causing thickening of the heart muscle.
In such circumstances, the heart pump harder and resulting problems that can lead to death. These key studies were performed at Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine Univesities led by prof. dr. Gary Meszaros, and the results were published in the journal American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

Resveratrol has a beneficial effect on the brain. In November 2008. , published the conclusion of the research on experimental animals at Cornell University.
The researchers noted that the daily intake of a supplement with resveratrol caused a significant reduction of plaque in the brain of animals (from 48% to 90%), which normally contributes to the occurrence of neurological disease.

Inflammatory bowel disease
Resveratrol reduces the signs and manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease), including diarrhea and rectal bleeding, according to new research.
Scientists are one group of mice given 20 mg / kg of food, a second group a placebo. The mice given resveratrol had fewer and milder manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease than mice in the comparison group - are easier to maintain weight, reduce the incidence of diarrhea and rectal bleeding.
While in the group without resveratrol died as much as 40% of mice, no death has been recorded in the group that received resveratrol.

Protecting the lungs of smokers
In December 2007. years, Rahman's work at the University of Rochester demonstrated that resveratrol increases in the cellular levels of glutathione in the cells of the lungs, making it an excellent ally and protector of all smokers, and those who already have lung damage or cancer. (Kode, Rajendrasozhan, Cait, Yang, Megson, Rahman, American Journal of Physiology. Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 294)

Resveratrol significantly increases the levels of natural testosterone, which will be attractive to many men.

By its structure is similar resverartol phytoestrogens and ga, given proestrogensko effect, some researchers do not recommend that women who take oral contraceptives, women who wish to become pregnant, pregnant women and children under 18.

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