Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roasted Vegetables


Carved a little lower part of the cook soup and lemon juice and leave to cool. Then two by two full ragout of fowl, tongue and mushrooms, rolled in flour, egg and bread crumbs and baked on grease.


Cauliflower pieces the size of an egg that we cooked without being too soft, dry, roll in egg and bread crumbs and cooked in fat. When serving put in the middle of a beautiful rose of cauliflower, and baked around the edge of the green parsley.

Black root

Roots, scratch and put it in water mixed with vinegar, then cut into pieces the length of half a finger thick pieces cut in the 2 or 4 pieces and put on a towel to dry. Now fried with soup, butter, lemon juice, salt and sugar, and one by one piece dipped in beer batter or egg and roll in bread crumbs mixed with the flour and cooked in fat.We serve them as salted vegetables or meat as a garnish.

Mixed vegetables (the French way.)

Green vegetables such as heads of asparagus, peas, broccoli, green beans, etc., as well as the cauliflower boil in salted water and put in hot butter or quickly prepared sauce with butter.
Kardi, black root, the lower parts of the fried artichoke soup with butter and lemon juice, carrot without the lemon in their natural color.
Turnips (carrots), koleraba, shallots or small onions fried on butter, sugar and a little broth, until they get brown. For this purpose, cut a pod lengthwise, cardio, artichokes and the like. diced, the roots also longitudinally, and beets are round or oval shape.
Mixed vegetables in a way vrtlarice called garnish with several kinds of vegetables, when each species by the shape and color as possible to prepare natural hrpimice and add to meat. (In a small cup).


is a mixture of vegetables priređenog the above manner, which has poured a little sauce of butter and shake, filled into molds, and this over the meat, and then emptied.

Ragout maccedoine

is called a mixture of young greens linked by strong light béchamel sauce, or fasting, which is used with meat or fish. This stew of white or regular carrots, chestnuts, onions and mushrooms little we can add the sausage, which are raw ligation a distance of one finger, cooked in soup or baked, and in these places cut. These small balls and remove the skin with the above ingredients, add Spanish sauce.


shaken out, the vegetables stuffed with meat, which can serve as a meal after the beef, and also can be prepared in small molds in the shape of a jug and serve as a garnish. A smooth, then top with butter mold, bottom and side overlay paper, decorative Arrange the vegetables and roots. This vegetable keeps the inside layer of stuffing thick fingers, and the interior space is alternately filled with vegetables and meat and cover the filling / spread, and is one hour cook steamed in the oven, and with a lid. After carefully dump out the paper and rub ukrasirno broccoli, cauliflower pieces and the like.

Used for lining the bottom of the heads of asparagus, mushrooms, small, deer-cut mushrooms into slices and slices, cut green beans and the like. For counterparts with the side walls using a white or regular carrots, parsnip, black root, cardio, etc.., All stewed without flour, cut into slices or sticks.
If the bottom goes through the paper, put the stuffing is not quite on the edge. At first agree a line of vegetable sticks, and consolidate it with the stuffing, so that you coat it with egg white. As soon as a red-coated mixture, must be the same height alternately add the meat and vegetables, until the mold is not full. The rows of vegetables in trebaj be so arranged that the exchange stacking direction and color. If you cut slices of cooked carrots or beets, half of them get along each other. To fill the interior fittings are suitable tame or wild fowl, "brizlice" small steaks, sausages, tongue, smoked meats and the like. With certain types of meat goes the following vegetables: the smoked meat or venison braised cabbage as a garnish / coating with carrot or parsnip served filling / spread of pork (like sausage stuffing for roast), and placed inside a pot and a small carrot slices.
If the dish prepared in a mold with the hoops can be removed, this dish might shake out in the middle filled vegetables, and the upper part covered with pieces of meat.

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