Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recipes with Vegetables

Of roots
(Separate those thick fingers), scrape the skin, put them in water with vinegar, then cook in salted water until soft, oily butter and crumbs. They are prepared with cheese as a yellow pods. It has also prepared and sweet roots and oat roots.

Kardi (CARDI)
and izbledjeli sea cabbage leaves and silver chard and rhubarb plants are cut into pieces, cooked in salted water, spices, butter and bread crumbs.

Rape krasuljka
after putting the boiled and peeled off the butter with fried parsley and onions as small potatoes.

Scissors cut off the tips of the leaves, boiled in water, then take out the salt water tough and fibrous inner part, put in cold water, and then in boiling salted water with butter and lemon juice, and water to cover the artichokes; large artichokes cook almost 2 hours (until we can get a list) Arrange the them in a bowl and pour the hot butter or oil quality.

Small corn
prepared while still milky. Peeled cooked in salted water, served wrapped in a towel with fresh butter. Poured it with butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Edible pumpkins

Cut in / izribaju on the boards, Ossola, stand for one hour, then a little crushing, put the flour fried in fat, add flour, cumin and vinegar, pour in a little soup and fried. At the Hungarian method, sugar flour before frying to obtain a light brown color, and in the end add sour cream.

Beans - "Treskavac"

the peel, put in salted water and when water boils, drain the cold butter, then into the hot, spices, pepper and serve immediately.

Pods of peas and yellow beans

When you cut off the tips and pull fiber, cook whole green beans in salted water, strain it and put the butter in a pan, fry them in butter previously parsley and zažutimo crumbs, sprinkle and serve immediately.

Pods of peas and yellow beans with cheese

Put the beans above the hot butter. Sprinkle them with pepper and parmesan cheese, and shake until butter is melted.

Edible pumpkins

Early English gourd with reddish flesh cut off and when ripe but not overripe, cut into pieces the length and thickness of a finger, boil them in salted water without being too soft, and sprinkle over them bread crumbs fried in hot butter. Serve them with salami, or even stew with sour cream and serve with roast beef.

Pulses broadcast with flour or bread crumbs ("abšmalcane")

Boil them until soft. Pea strain, shake the bowl, pour hot butter and add the fried onions and fat cracklings over the crumbs. In addition to serve salted or smoked meat (pork), grilled sausages, or language. Season the beans and peas, or in a bowl put a piece of butter, chopped parsley, salt, pepper, vinegar, add to the hot beans, all put together on the fire until the butter is melted and serve immediately. Strain the lens, put it through a piece of butter, chopped parsley, chives, salt, pepper, and stew fifteen minutes with constant agitation.

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