Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recipes with cabbage

Stuffed Cabbage
Small cabbage head cut into a pedicle flap / slice, is extruded, extracted cabbage finely cut and fried it with butter and toasted bread crumbs. Then add the chopped raw pork, salt, nutmeg, cumin and 3 eggs and the time we fill the cavity. Put up a few leaves, cabbage wrapped in a towel and cook for one hour in salt water.Remove it from the towel, put on the tray (the bowl), it can be used whole or cut into pieces, posipanog crumbs and Parmesan cheese and coated with a butter.

Shaken cabbage
Round mold overlaid with bacon, and cabbage leaves, and we blanširali ukuhali in soup and split, then top with the filling of cooked meats, fine leaves again, stuffing, and yet leaves a blank space fill with pieces of poultry and wild salmon, cover sheets, stuffing and bacon and cook by steaming, shake, remove the bacon and garnish-smoked sausages.
Or, mash the boiled head of cabbage or fried (in bacon) in a covered pan with bacon, ham, veal, "brizlama" or vimetom, onion soup and fat until soft, let the juice evaporate completely. When cooled, take more than half of the cabbage and cut it a bit. The remaining cabbage and meat that is stewed with him a small cut, and make use of prayer, along with raw cut smoked beef sausage, salt, 2 egg yolks. In the mold whose bottom is covered with bacon, then put cooked meat or imperial language, all chopped up into nice little pieces, then layer of coarse cut cabbage and mince until the mold is not full, sprinkle bread crumbs, cooked 1/4 hours and poured . We can serve it without clearance, cut into pieces of meat as a garnish.

Baked sausage cabbage
From the above fillings can make small sausages wrapped in wafers, roll them in egg and bread crumbs and bake in fat.

Baked sausage cabbage in the network
The chunks of pork ii calf wrap a bit of upper plexus filling Arrange the cabbage and a small round loaf on the sheet, with the open side facing the bottom, then top surface of the butter, egg with a yolk, and bake on high heat.

Kobasičice with lettuce and kale
Spread sheets or small lettuce head cabbage, which we previously boiled and cooled in cold water, coat each sheet with the filling / spread made from meat and wrap. These kobasičice fried in butter or fat from the roast, and disappear when their juice, add some broth.

With cabbage strudel
Clean the cabbage leaves finely cut and together with butter, sour cream, salt and a little nutmeg flower Simmer until tender, then cooled, and applied onto razvaljano strudel dough. To put the pieces of ham, wrap strudel and bake in a bowl.

Cabbage strudel with cream
From prepolovijene cooked cabbage heads and separate leaves and when cool, then top them with the filling of raw beef and pork, soft bun, pepper and salt, or raw beef filling with cream, of which we make little sausages in Arrange the dish, add a little butter , cream and crumbs and baked.

Pickled cabbage strudel in the heads
Make a stuffing of finely chopped raw pork, onions, peppers and raw rice on each sheet put some of that stuffing, wrap small sausages (stuffed) and put on the ends, so the stuffing would not drop it. Arrange the them in a pot, pour water from the cabbage to be covered and cook covered for one hour, and before the end add sour cream or light sour cream sauce with a little saffron.

Shaken out, sauerkraut with wild animals
From fried meat remains the same game we cut thin pieces and mold them overlaid (below we put sliced ​​bacon).Residues / waste tiny clip, mixed with cream and žumanjcina, we agree the mold alternately with sour cabbage, which we also pirjali (until it goes white), all cover the chopped bacon and bake.

Shaken out of sauerkraut with smoked meat
In greased pan grease Arrange the slices of boiled potatoes, put it on braised red cabbage, then fine pieces of cooked smoked meat, potatoes and cabbage again, a few tablespoons of sour cream, and put the dish 1/2 hours in the oven.

Shaken out of sauerkraut with fish filling
Peel the skin of smoked fish, cut fish into small pieces, fried in butter and crumbs we add pulverous fish and sour cream, to agree under lean into the mold of cabbage sprinkled with crumbs and bake.

Shaken out of sauerkraut with eggs (spawn)
Fried carp spawning in the butter, let it cool, stir in 2 dl sour cream and egg and stir everything together. In a mold lined with parchment paper put the pieces of fish, eggs, parsley and hard cut into slices, fill it alternately, and stewed cabbage spawn, eventually putting crumbs and butter and cook by steaming.

With eggs and cabbage dish
Braised spawn / eggs mixed with sour cream, then stir in the cabbage, put it on scrambled eggs and fried frog drumsticks.

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