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Prepare vegetables in vinegar

Vinegar, which will use for storing vegetables should be in the ratio 2: 1 w. 2 to 1 l of water and vinegar, and salt to taste. If using acetic essence, then take the 1 liter water 1/2 dl acetic essences and 10 g of salt.


Cucumbers in vinegar. Beautiful young and healthy cucumbers that have stem wash, then drain well. Then they popara boiling water, drain, arrange on a clean cloth and dry thoroughly. Arrange cucumbers and dry well washed jars II. The place is clean and cucumbers into small sticks cut horseradish, dill tops, etc. acic beans and bay leaf. particularly boil water with salt and sugar. At 2 l of water comes a pro. teaspoon salt, 1 cube of sugar and a few peppercorns. When water boils well, add the vinegar, allow to cool and pour over cucumbers. Bottle tie parchment paper and place on the air and cool place.

Pickling cucumber on the old fashioned way. Choose the smaller, solid and intact cucumbers. Cut them petelj will each cucumber and wash with a soft brush. Put them in cold water in which alum has to stop is about 2 hours.Then drain the cucumbers and arrange them on a clean cloth to dry well. Arrange dried in a well-washed and dry jars. Put the cucumber that small hot pepper, peppercorn, bay leaves, seeds, etc., and which acic and cleaned garlic clove aka. Pour over cucumbers diluted vinegar to which they add 3 vel. tablespoons of salt, and prokuhaj well, then chill. Make sure that the vinegar covers the cucumbers well. Jars tie Pergame ntnim paper and leave in a cool place.

CUCUMBER SALAD FOR. Larger Peel cucumbers and cut into slices as a salad. Them well with salt. Clean the same amount of ports. Cut into slices and salt well. Salted cucumbers and onions and leave to stand for several hours. Then drain them well, mix and fill their jars. When placing the cucumbers and onions in the jars, put between them and a lot of grain mustard. The full jar, fill with weaker boiled and cooled charm. Jars tie the parchment paper and place in a cool, dry place.

GREEN SALAD tomato, cucumber, onion and PEPPER. In a jar of 5 l take the 5 kg of vegetables, every kind of the same amount. Green tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers wash. Peppers, cut the stems, remove seeds and veins angry. Tomatoes, remove stems. Luk clean. Cut all the vegetables separately in slices - which in addition peppers cut into strips. Vegetables Odvoj eno and directed and allow to stand for several hours and. Then drain vegetables by hand, again all for yourself and arrange in rows in a jar, but do not push and pour slowly than.Make sure the jar is not fully charged. Carefully pour the hot vinegar which, and made so that in 2 l of water add 3 tablespoons of salt, a few laurel leaves, 2 Feb. tablespoons of peppercorn, 2 Feb. tablespoons mustard and 2 in the grain pro. tablespoons octane essences. Jars immediately tie the parchment paper or plastic wrap, cover and tablecloth, and when cool, store in a cool, air-space.

SALAD BABURA cut. Pretty healthy, meaty peppers cleaned of seeds and veins, and cut into thick strips. Posal and leave to stand 2 to 3 hours. Then they hand a little squeeze. Place peppers cut into one larger or several smaller jars and pour the vinegar of acetic essence. Jars tie the parchment paper and place in a cool, dry place.

Pickled peppers ("horned") In this way, use the pickling peppers are long and pointed. Well wash them, dry them, cut them in half and stem in two or three of stabbing with a needle. Stack them vertically in a large wide-neck bottles. Put the peppers a little peppercorn and a little grated horseradish. The full jars pour a little salted, and the taste of vinegar diluted with water, boiled and cooled. Jars tie parchment paper or plastic wrap and place in a cool, dry place.

Pickling hot pepper. How to store acidic "horned" peppers, so you can save and pepperoni. Peppers in a small stack of wide neck jars.

Spicy TOMATO P-PEPPER. Get healthy, beautiful, round tomato-peppers, wash them, dry them and cut them in half will petelj. Arrange them in large jars. Via peppers put some mustard in grain. Place the peppers on top of two crossed sticks to the pepper is not swimming. Pepper, and poured cold vinegar to prepare so that the amount of 3 l of water add 10 grams of granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon salt, boil, cool and add so much to be the essence of acidic medium. Jars tie parchment paper and place in a cool, dry place. This is a sufficient quantity of vinegar in a jar of 5-6 l.

BOILED PEPPER. For cooking use a fleshy, yellow peppers. Wash, Cut in half, remove seeds and veins to them and leave to drain. While the peppers drain, made of vinegar which will cook em. The amount of vinegar in this recipe is responsible for about 50 peppers. In a large bowl put 2 liters of water, 1 liter of vinegar, 15 grams sugar, 15 grams of salt, two fine-part oil, 10 grains of pepper, and cook well on the stove. In the vinegar starts to boil, place the cleaned peppers and cook them for about 15 minutes. Remove the peppers and put in ane warm up jars, vinegar j j oš Edna Boil, then cool it and pour over peppers, to be well covered. Jars tie parchment paper or plastic wrap and leave in a cool dry place.

PEPPER Stuffed ŽELJE. For nadjevanje take big meaty peppers. For 50 to prepare the peppers for about 5 kg of cabbage. Wash peppers, drain, cut off their eyelids to clean the stem and the seeds and veins. Wash the greens, clean the outside leaves and cut out or scrub into thin strips, as a salad. Season with salt and let stand for about 2 hours to let the water. Then hand it drain well, add it and about 2 grams mlj evenog pepper, a little vinegar, a glass ulj and 2-3 cloves of garlic finely kosanog aka. Mix well and fill peppers, but not to tip. Arrange peppers in a large wide-neck bottles, so stand up straight. Put the peppers cleaned and cut in sticks of horseradish and a few peppercorns. Boil the vinegar is milder, a little ga posal and cool. It Pour the peppers to be well covered. Put one finger on top of oil. Jars tie the parchment paper and place in a cool, dry place.

Peppers for stuffing. Peppers who is leaving you for stuffing ati e must be peppers, fleshy ij ednake size. Well wash them, dry them, remove them and clean the lid of the seeds and veins, as the stuffing. Cleaned peppers and poured boiling water, cover the lid and leave in water for 2 minutes. Remove peppers from water and redajte them on a clean white stolnj even with a hole down is, well drained and dry ede. Arrange peppers in a vertically extensive warm glass jar. Such stored pepper Pour boiling thick cooked tomato juice. Jars tie a double parchment paper. Wrap a blanket and let them do so on the second day. The next day, put the jars in a cool, dry place. It is best to get along peppers in jars or less, to be dished out for a meal. Cook the tomato juice to boil, ripe tomatoes cut into small pieces, place in pan and cook until tomatoes become soft. Then strain through a sieve or in a special extractors. Strained juice back into the pan and cook stirring constantly until thick.

PEPPER fried in oil. For frying, use a little hot, long peppers. Well wash them, dry them and stabbing with a needle. In a large pan, pour in a fine oil, the bottom is covered. In heated oil, place peppers, holds about as much, and fry them to be pretty rosy on both sides. Arrange roasted peppers in jars in rows wide throat. Between the lines put pepper, to taste, finely kosanog parsley leaves, garlic, the bay leaf, some peppercorns and salt.When you fill the jars, pour over peppers in oil to those that have burned me. Leave them covered until the second day, and then to top up mild wine vinegar. Jars tie the parchment paper and place in a cool, dry place.

Ground red pepper with horseradish. Choose healthy, fleshy red bell peppers, wash them well, and dry, clean the stems, sj emenj and vessels. Grind them in a machine mlj evenj e mesa. In a large bowl with a thick-bottomed put mlj Evene pepper and pour fine ulj e. The ratio is 5 kg paprika, 1 1/2 a del ulj. Put on stove and cook over low heat. While stewing stir often. Paprika is over when you drag a wooden spoon across the bottom of the vessel bottom stays clean. Remove peppers from the heat and let cool. Add the salt and vinegar to taste, ie. If you want to be salty and sour. Clean the horseradish (5 pcs. Medium), scrub it and immediately add the paprika. Mix well, place in small jars to 2 fingers below the rim of the jar. Allow to stand until the second day, then put on the ground about 1 finger pepper oil. Jars tie the parchment paper and allow to dry and cool place.

AJVAR OD MODRIH eggplant and BABURA. For the preparation of ajvar use healthy and ripe eggplants and peppers. Ratio: 50 bell: 5 large eggplant. Pepper, bake in the oven. More hot, clean the skin and stems, and seeds from peppers. Grind them meat grinder, and then zakiselite posal to taste, add the minced garlic and pepper to taste. In a large bowl place the bottom of the large 2-3 tablespoons of fine oil, heat it and then put him on eggplants and peppers. Lightly fry and stir often until they are well roasted, ie. that when pulling spoons at the bottom of the container bottom stays clean. Put the chutney into clean hot jars and dry. In each jar leave 2-3 fingers of empty space. On ajvar pour fine oil for 1 finger. Jars tie the parchment paper, cool and leave in a cool dry place.

SAVING GREEN TOMATO AND LUČICA. To save a very small take and maintain a healthy green tomatoes and onions as such (the port). Tomatoes, remove stems and chop the onions clear. Both wash and dry thoroughly.Arrange in rows in smaller jars, add a little pepper in grain and grain mustard. Pour the diluted, salted boiled and cooled vinegar. Jars tie the parchment paper and place in a cool, dry place.

Mushrooms in vinegar. To take a small store and maintain healthy mushrooms. Clean thoroughly and wash, leave small round, large raspolovite. Boil them in salted water for about 10 minutes. Then, wring the water.While the mushrooms drain, cook diluted vinegar that you add a little salt, some peppercorns, 2-3 cloves and 2-3 bay leaves. SASP drained mushrooms in hot vinegar and cook briefly. All together, cool and place in clean jars wide throat. Tie the jar with cellophane and leave in a cool dry place.

OLD WAY OF COOKING TOMATO. Wash ripe tomatoes, clean the stems and rot. Cut them into pieces and place in large bowl with a thick bottom. Add a couple of sweet peppers, a little parsley and celery leaves, a few heads cleaned and cut onion. All together, cook until the skin separates from the tomatoes. Thus, cooked tomatoes and propasiraj, you get the juice without the skins and seeds. Preferably, after pureeing tomatoes and strain through a sieve. Tomato juice back into the container by Tran that will wash. Cook stirring, until the juice is not ukuha half the amount. The bottles in which to save the day before the juice Wash and completely dry inside and out.Before you pour the juice into them, should be a good warm up. Still hot pour the juice into bottles using a funnel. The filled bottles immediately close the wet pieces of hose that inflates well over the opening and tie a thick thread or rubber band. After that big basket or crate pan em blanket or eiderdown. Put in hot-filled bottles, taking care not to touch. Basket and bottle cover with another blanket or eiderdown. Thus sterilization is performed, ie. destroying fungi and bacteria. A sign of failed sterilization is tense and drawn hose to the bottle opening. The bottles leave by 24 hours, and then put them in a dark, dry place. Bottles and view every week and if you notice mold in juice, open the bottles, juice and boil carry on as already described. Hoses for the closing of bottles purchased from butchers. To use, cut them in sufficiently large pieces and wash in warm water, not hot.

Soon after COOKED TOMATO JUICE. Mature healthy and fresh tomato mince meat grinder. Strain them through a sieve to remove seeds and skins. In the strained juice Put the sugar and salt. At 10 l of juice put 2 tablespoons salt and 4 tablespoons of sugar. Cook in a pan with thick bottom, about 45 minutes from the time the juice boils. Still hot pour the juice into a clean dry bottle, close the wet hose, stack bottles in basket lined coat, cover and allow the other to stand up to another day. Store in dark and cool place. Detailed instructions from the moment when the juice is poured into the bottles you have in your recipe: old method of cooking tomatoes.

Tomato juice SA salicylates. Ripe fresh and healthy tomato wash, cut into chunks and puree the extractors. The resulting juice mixed with salicylates. For 1 kg of tomatoes put 1 g salicila. Pour juice into perfectly clean and dry bottles. Bottles close the wet hose, tie the end and save the dark and cold place.
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