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Practical functions of tea

Meet all the practical functions of tea.
One of the healthiest and finest beverages, there are many useful properties for which it can be used for cleaning, and beauty in the kitchen and garden.

It is interesting how many dried herbs topped with a good water can bring. Besides we can drink it hot in summer and cold, it can be helpful for other things. How would you smarter use of this useful plant, can be the same tea bag that we used to make brewed drink, use for other things. Check what all can serve tea.

Health and Beauty

Many tea drinkers only when they are cold, because it proved helpful, but the example helps wash green tea to reduce acne. If you have recently burned in the sun on the lower surface of the body pat with a wet tea bag, and if you have the larger surface turned red, it is best to insert in a bath of tea. For tea helps dry hair as a conditioner, which is poured over the hair, short leave and rinsed with water. For tired eyes wet tea bag helps to put the shutters, but stinky feet problem can be solved   soaking in a strong tea 20 minutes each day, enabling you to relax and be well.

The mix of peppermint tea with a little salt can be used as mouthwashes, and children who fall out teeth can help cool tea bags to reduce pain and bleeding. Wet tea bags can also ease the sting of injections for children and adults. It is important to note that the tea can be smarter and not just drinking some kind, but Chinese doctors argue that putting a tea bag to let us spomaže clear head and think faster.


In the household are always the best tips about cleaning, so i know that if sprinkling dry tea used on carpet, leave it for 10 minutes and Absorb will disappear behind zmazanoća and dust. With black tea, you can rub the wooden floor and air-dried it to shine in full splendor. The same goes for cleaning furniture, and so with a cloth soaked in tea can overwrite the glow tables, chairs and more.

Tea and clean mirrors and windows of fingerprints. You can use it in tea bags and pour the bottle with a spray and sprayed with a larger surface area. The bathroom is used for removing stains on the bottom of the toilet, because it simply leaves tea bags in the shell for a few hours and let the water and brush erasing.

Thus flushing it incredibly various herbs helps us to get rid of stinky smell of fish on our hands. Dispose of used tea bags and move odors from the refrigerator, and if you do not like dry ink, you can smell the car such as a bag of lavender tea given under the seat.

Kitchen and Garden

When cooking, tea is also welcome. Can be used with meat marinade, because it more tender. The Chinese once cooked eggs, put a bag of tea into the water to get a new flavor or color.

I love tea plants. Pasture used tea roses watered with water. Home made tea plants fits better than water, while plants in pots on the bottom you can put used tea bags so it will draw water through it full of nutrients.

And finally for those who like to sit in the garden, and now they alone do not let mosquitoes - know that you can burn the leaves of tea and thus get rid of them without chemicals.

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