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Lettuce opium as

Treats depression, insomnia and a sedative effect.
From lettuce (Lactuca sativa) can be isolated opium. Of course, not the right one, but a substance that resembles it. The real opium is a poison that contains morphine, codeine, papaverin, and much the most toxic alkaloids.The opium from lettuce is quite different. First, do not contain alkaloids. The active principles are sesquiterpenes. Secondly, it is not known which receptors act, but certainly not to opioid receptors - because no one ever put on the salad.
Laktucarium the milky, viscous substance that can be isolated from plants of the genus Lactuca spp. He is also known as the opium from lettuce, because it has sedative and analgesic properties similar to opium. In folk medicine is usually used wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa). It is known that the "opium from lettuce" is used in ancient Egypt, and in the United States it was used as a medicine of 1799. year.

Hippie movement actualized character lettuce opium

During the 19th century was extensively used in Poland as a substitute for opium, because it had side effects like a true opium (morphine from opium causes physical dependence, and can cause anaphylactic shock - probably by more than opioid receptor triggers the release of biogenic amines and SRS-A from mast cells and basophils).

It was not until the mid-20th century chemists were able to isolate the active principles of the salads. These sesquiterpenes laktucin and laktucopikrin, and these are the substances that give bitter lettuce.

During the twentieth century, the character of opium lettuce was neglected until the hippie movement in the seventies when stories appeared about the legitimate drug that causes euphoria similar to catnip (valerian or valerian) and damiana. The advantage of opium from lettuce is this is kind of latex - it hardens by standing and then we can smoke.

Since it has a mildly sedative effect, lettuce is very interesting as a natural and healthy alternative to antidepressants and drugs for insomnia. Similarly, opium from lettuce would be very interesting for the prevention of panic attacks, because mild sedative effect can relax psychological pressure that leads to attacks.

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