Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to buy fish?

How to recognize fresh fish?
Fresh fish should have bright eyes, red gills, scales that are solid and do not decrease. At the push of a finger fish flesh should be firm and recover. There must be no odor.

What is the difference between reptiles and octopus?
Octopus has two rows pipka on the arm, and an octopus. As a rule the larger octopus

How to buy crabs?
Lobsters and lobsters is best to buy live, until the shrimp and shrimp must be careful not to have blackish spots on the underside of the tail, but have a nice, pink color.

How to buy shells?
Bivalve shell must be sealed, it is the best sign that they are fresh. Never buy open shells as they can be extremely dangerous. However, after being cooked, the situation is reversed: the good are only those shells that have been opened while cooking, one that remained closed would rather not eat.

All the seafood is frozen and can (but do not freeze a defrosted product), but care must be taken to defrost slowly. Best to leave them in the refrigerator overnight, provided that it is best put in the freezer cleaned.

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