Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to add flavor to your dishes?

Buy the "bulk" Stop buying dried herbs and spices in bottles and bags are sold in some supermarkets. I'd rather go to the nearest health food store, where spices likely to be kept in large glass jars and weighed as much as you need. You can buy all you want, more or less, but if you buy more, save you money. There are often sold fresh spices and many of the organic farming. Aroma ground usually fades with time, so if you are buying a lot, buy spices in the beans and grind them yourself as needed. Most spices are best kept in hermetically sealed containers and in the dark.

Grow your own. In flower beds, window kuhinjskome to Produce a favorite herbs. It lasts longer and tastes fresher than the staple spices sold bags.

Add a little wine celebrated British cookbook author Elizabeth David, wrote: "If in every kitchen there was one bottle of red wine, white wine and cook for a cheap port, hundreds of kitchen cabinets would be forever free from the accumulated remains of purchasing bottles of sauce and all artificial flavorings. "Well, if you have left some wine for fun, do not throw it away. Freeze it in ice trays and you will always handy to have a "wine cube", they are ready to enrich sauces and stews.

Enjoy celery These foods are often put in soups and casseroles to enrich them their distinctive flavor. No celery from such foods is usually soft and raskuhan. It would be better before the end of cooking, add a few tablespoons chopped celery - to keep it crisp. This course will enrich the flavor and structure. Here's a good idea for a story of celery with pork: 2 wires finely chopped celery and 1 tablespoon horseradish cream mixture into 0.5 liters of apple puree. According to taste, add more horseradish or celery.

Do not avoid all know that butter is butter is full of saturated fat and too much saturated fat is bad for us. But when it comes to healthy eating, is not as important to avoid a certain food. If you eat for breakfast sweet rolls, and prefer to eat vegetables instead of french fries, butter would not avoid it at all to improve your health. Good cooks claim that butter is the ingredient that gives the food a special flavor. So use it in moderation.

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