Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fruit mustard

To be used to mature, but they say plum, peach, small pear, apple, melon peel, pumpkin, etc.. cleaned, first the whole, the last cut in pieces. Weigh the fruit, take as much sugar and purifying it with a little water, while fruit, any kind of special, boiled and left in situ to cool. Then put the sugar is hot and chilled, covered with paper leaves in a cool place.

After 24 hours the boil and then left to stand, which is repeated on the third day, and 50 grams of fruit mixed gorušičnog 7 grams of flour with one part hot sugar and mix until it becomes a whole. When all species are also stored, mixed and laid it in with black walnuts, figs and cedrelinim pieces (cooked with sugar), sugar and mustard in small jars or barrels.

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