Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fresh pineapple reduces bruising

Have risen sharply and have made an awkward movement, and so you can hit. Of course, it soon appears bruised. Each of us has at least once in your life got the purple decoration, of course, no one is adorned. What to take to make you bruises that went before?

The first thing you can do is to put as soon as you hit the sore spot common cold compress. Take an ice cube from the freezer and wrap it in cheesecloth or other thin cloth. Serve an ordinary plastic bottle filled with very cold water or a packet of frozen vegetables or meat, always wrapped in a washcloth. Ice is placed carefully, with breaks every five minutes to avoid frostbite tissue. Cold compresses are placed in a half hour. Led not only soothes the pain, but also slows the flow of lymph and blood through blood vessels and prevents hematoma education. After 30 minutes of cold compresses to lose effect, so you can hit a place to paint gel-type "hepatrombin" or calendula cream-based or plantain.
Cold compresses to prevent bruising, but if you have not been able to apply this method and hematoma are already blooming, it's time to warm compresses, massaging and rubbing the painful place after warming contributes to resorption of already formed blood bruises.

On the second day after hitting every two hours anoint bruise any cream or gel against the hematoma. An ordinary cabbage, notched in several places and blanched, will serve as an excellent round, which relieves pain and reduces swelling.

Effective action has a piece of fresh pineapple. This fruit contains the enzyme that speeds up the absorption of hematoma. Pineapple is not something you have every household, but it is so plain potatoes found in every kitchen. Cook the potatoes with a crust, then peel and mash, add a little honey and plain water and put the puree in a bruise. Well the usual vinegar, which is a piece of cotton wool soaked and washed with sore several times a day. Follow what it looks like bruises in the beginning to the very spot turns red, then turns into purple and blue, yellow-green and finally yellow, which will eventually fade completely and disappear. If the hematoma after stroke does not change color, but dark, it's a sign of infection so that you need before you go to a doctor.

It is interesting that some people even after a strong impact not appear bruises, while the others enough to brush against them so hard object to them outbreaks hematoma. Often the purple bruises occur in the elderly because their skin is thinner with age, and blood vessels are weaker. But the problem is encountered even in young people, especially if they smoke or often take blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin.

Tendency to have bruises and people who do not get enough vitamin C. They are advised more fruits and vegetables and taking regular mulitivitamina. The skin is more susceptible to bruises and if long exposed to sunlight.

If you frequently break bruises that will not go away even after three weeks, consult your doctor must: it is possible to have weak blood vessels and it is necessary to consider ways to prevent the appearance of leg veins and capillaries on the face.

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