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Chili peppers are great for health

Chili, cayenne pepper and chili peppers are hot peppers of the Capsicum family.

Are popular due to its spicy flavor that is an essential part of many dishes and sauces.

His bitter taste of peppers owe a special ingredient called capsaicin.
The more capsaicin it contains, that is ljuca pepper.

In larger amounts of capsaicin burning lips, tongue and throat and forces her to tears.
Many who love peppery hot dishes are Indian, Vietnamese, Mexicans, and Hungarians.

Most people still like moderately bitter taste that enhances the taste of food and stimulates digestion.

And not only that - chili provides numerous health benefits.

Why is chili healthy?

Capsaicin pepper adds not only anger, but also the special healing properties for which they are among the healthiest foods in the world.

Chili Peppers:

First Acting anti-inflammatory

due to capsaicin, chili has anti-inflammatory properties. Capsaicin strongly blocks the substance P, which is associated with inflammatory processes in the body. Regular intake of chilli can serve as an excellent prevention of arthritis

Second Prevent pain

recent research suggests that chili effectively reduces the pain caused by arthritis, psoriasis and diabetic neuropathy.

Third Encourage cardiovascular health

proved that hot peppers reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and prevent blood clots. Cultures that are widely used chili much smaller percentage of heart disease, stroke and thrombosis.

4th Improves digestion

According to Ayurveda, bitter taste stimulates appetite and improves digestion. Food that is well digested by the body gives the necessary nutrients and energy, while the food is not digested well, it creates toxins. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, good digestion is key to our health.

5th "Feed" the immune system

žarkocrvena color chili peppers testifies to the high content of beta-carotene, or pro-vitamin A. Just a few teaspoon chili day gives the body extra doses of vitamin C and A that are important in preventing infection.

6th Prevent Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer research has shown that capsaicin acts as a real "killer" of cancer cells. After four weeks of capsaicin treatment, with most animals stopped the growth of prostate cancer cells, and tumor size was significantly reduced. For the prevention of prostate cancer is recommended to take 400 mg of capsaicin three times a week.

7th Encourage weight loss

bitter taste with chili peppers, increases thermogenesis - the creation of heat in the body. The process of thermogenesis requires the consumption of extra calories, resulting in loss of fat.

8th Prevent ulcer

it had long been erroneously thought to enter the hot food causes stomach ulcers. It was confirmed that hot peppers not only does not cause ulcers, but prevent them because they kill harmful bacteria and stimulate the creation of protective stomach juices.

9th Help with type 2 diabetes

Regular intake of chili can help prevent type 2 diabetes A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that regular intake of chilli reduces the body's need for insulin secretion, which reduces blood sugar levels after meals.

What kinds of peppers used

Hot taste of pepper depends on its type. However, even within one type of anger can vary from pepper to pepper.

Dander peppers is measured by a special scale, which uses Scovill units:

sweet paprika = 0 units
pepperoncini = 100 - 500 units
Pasilla = 1 000 - 1 500 units
Rocotillo = 1 500 - 2 500 units
jalapeno = 2 500 - 5 000 units
wax = 5000-10000 units
vserrano = 10 000-23 000 units
cayenne pepper, Tabasco, chili guntur - 30000-50000 units
Red Savina Habanera = 360000-500000 units
naga viper, infinity chilli - 855000-1500000 units

Tabasco sauce is at a high price, is made from red habanera and anger has 8000 units.

Generally, as soon as the peppers (or sauce) ljuca, the team is better because more medicinal ingredient - capsaicin - contains.

An easy way to add hot peppers to your menu

A very simple way to add a bitter taste in your daily menu is that the dish using fresh or pickled hot peppers or chili sauces ready. You can also use chili powder, sprinkling him a meal.

In stores you can find Indian food healthy and tasty Indian pickles - angry fermented product of lime, mango, oil, mustard, chili and other spices.

You can add chili during cooking - but be careful not to drive away from the table, friends or family members!

How much hot pepper to enter?

Record hot pepper depends on the percentage that it contains capsaicin - which is evident in her anger.

Although it is very hot pepper healing, do not overdo it. As in all things, the consumption of spicy flavors require the golden mean. Ayurveda says that excessive intake of bitter can have negative effects on health.

Usually, just type the 1-2 teaspoons hot pepper a day.

Did you know before about the benefits of chili? 
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