Sunday, March 18, 2012

Be careful when buying kitchen accessories

Buy what you lot of useful kitchen gadget manufacturers would like to convince you that a product essential to your cooking or it will completely change. But the truth is that as one chef (or cook) the necessary tools, this is another obstacle. There are many good chefs who continually prepare delicious meals without even using a food processor or blender upright, or juicer and coffee maker. Many people find it faster and easier to whisk eggs and cream hand-held mixer or a wire broom. When it comes to all those kitchen gadgets, you need to do what's right for you - it's simply a matter of time and learning from mistakes.

Chop on a wooden or plastic boards ... a long time experts argued that the plastic cutting board better to use because of hygiene. They assumed that the plastic can be easily and thoroughly wash the timber. Then, 1994.year, scientists announced that the wood retains less bacteria than plastic. Further studies have continued to baffle, but is now generally accepted that there is not much difference. Bacteria may persist in both materials is very long, zaro select the material that you prefer to use. Regardless of what kind it was cutting board comes after each use, you must wash it with hot water and detergent.
Discover the cooking water bath. Here is a kitchen tool that is so old that no one on it and says it can do so entirely new and unfamiliar. No professional chefs and experienced housewives always use double stove - also poznaro as a bain-marie or "banjamarija." It is ideal for keeping food warm without overheating, which is particularly suitable for sauces and soups, and provides an ideal way to melt chocolate without zagorenih vessel.Double electric can improvise so vatrostainu dish - Pyrex is perfect - set the pan with water to lightly key.Crucibles must surely stand on the edge of the lower bowl with the water bath so that its bottom is above the water, not in it.

Try the new, but keep the old Manufacturers often proclaim a new gadget "discoveries", arguing that they are better replacements for older models that are in your kitchen drawers. Do you succumb to temptation and buy a new gadget, keep the one you already have - at least until it is satisfied that the new really better. Old-fashioned square grater, for example, is still the best tool for scouring the many kinds of vegetables and cheese, as a property, such as semi-soft cheeses. For it may well be grate the parmesan. Newer semi-circular or flat grater-like rasps, can be just as good or even better Grates Parmesan cheese, garlic, nutmeg and chocolate, but not at all helpful for softer foods, like property, such as cucumbers or tomatoes.

Strain through a coffee filter in many traditional recipes recommended draft for the squeezing and straining the liquid, but we do not kojiput at hand. Here are the modern alternative - paper coffee filters. Squeezing through the filters is perhaps a little slower, but easier to use and give them better results. Try them for the preparation of clear beef or chicken soup, or to separate seeds from fresh juice. If you use a filter sro┼żasta shape, set it in a funnel over the dish that is large enough to accommodate the strained liquid. If using a rectangular filter, place it in a strainer over the jar or bowl.

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