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Wild Apple

Ripe apple scented sure sign that autumn is approaching.Apple has been known since ancient times and today's varieties are obtained by crossing wild species complex. From small, sour, hard and rough apple received numerous larger, sweeter and tastier varieties.


Homemade apple

Homemade apple is a hybrid origin, and originated in the central parts of Asia, from where it spread throughout the world and we are now available on the market more than 7000 varieties. Apple is a woody plant, belongs to a family group of the most beautiful flowers and roses to the families. It is well known to everyone that the queen of flowers, roses, and apples are also two beautiful roses and beautiful rose in a wealthy family. Apple is grown in the orchard, and a sweet and juicy fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, and therefore received the honorary name of the queen of fruits. Homemade Apple is a deciduous tree with dense crown. The leaves are oval and white flowers.

Apple Numbers (part)

Apple is a small treasure trove of ingredients that have positive effects on our body. On average, water makes 85% of the fruit, carbohydrates (sugar) is about 14%, fats and proteins together about 1%, a fiber is found in quantities of 1%. Apple has up to 85% water, which are dissolved (soluble) and a variety of substances pass through the stomach within 15-20 minutes. It is eaten before a meal or a few hours later. If eaten with other foods, then stay in the stomach for several hours. What stands out from the rest of the apple fruit has a high content of pectin. Pectin is a result of maturation (ripening) fruit. On contact with water, swells, and in our stomach Apple manages to make further sense of fullness and satiety. Pectin stimulates and regulates digestion, and helps with digestive problems. Of the vitamin should be pointed vitamins A, B1 and B2, and vitamin C.

Peeled and unpeeled apples

Most of the high-nutrient is located in the bark or fruit odma below it, and it would be better to eat the whole apple, but today, in times of pesticides, you must know where the apples come from. If you have not picked in your own garden, an oasis in a clean, peeling is necessary! And when you buy them at the market, do not bypass the small and unattractive. I do not averse to worms in them, as well as the worm, it is good for us. These are the nutrients contained in 100 grams of peeled and unpeeled apples. In fact, the differences are very small and there is no reason for this,, ancient "fruit, in one form or another, it arrives on our tables.

Apple and Health

While science is still struggling to discover all the mysterious ingredients that have an apple and rose to high place of honor, history of human society to remember that since Adam and Eve until now been a symbol of health and beauty. All you get from Apple, you can get separately from other fruits, but why complicate matters when you have everything in one apple. An apple a day will keep your health and prevent many diseases.Doctors say the disease of the heart and blood vessels can be avoided, right into old age if you eat every day at least one apple. How is high in fiber, which swells in the stomach and thus create a feeling of satiety and reduce appetite, the apple is a must in all diets to reduce weight. How much has potassium, apples, and encourages the secretion of excess fluid from the body and the rest of the way and favors weight loss. It helps with colds and upper respiratory tract infections. Apples are very important for dental care. Instead of brushing your teeth at night, you can eat an apple. From apple juice kills up to 80% of bacteria that cause tooth decay. She was welcomed as a sedative and tranquilizer. Thanks to the amazing combination of vitamin C, minerals and other substances in it, apple, strengthens the immune system and to supply the body energy and prevents fatigue and loss of concentration.

This is something that is unknown to many of us! Apple juice can reduce memory loss that is associated with aging. Not only that. Apple has in various colors and flavors. If you are not in the mood for a green apple, take the red. If even that does not respond, try the yellow. In any case, the apples are fruits that you should always have in the house!

Types of apples:

Idared is an American species originated 1935th The crossing of varieties Jonathan and Wagner, and production was introduced 1942nd year. Viosokoproduktivna the plantation variety and arguably still the most popular apple in BiH.
Gala apples
This highly attractive apples come from New Zealand.
Elstar was another successful offspring Golden Delicious originated in the Netherlands 50 years of the last century.
Jonagold is an American species appeared 40 - of the last century, and as the name suggests, was obtained by crossing Golden Delicious and Jonathan. The production was introduced 1968th ChickHEN years and has become especially popular in Europe. Jonagold is the best of the two varieties in one!
Braeburn is now one of the most important commercial varieties of apples and no doubt a first class dessert apple!
Golden Delicious apples
And really, it's a gold found in the hills of West Virginia that special day.
Summerred the Canadian variety is created by crossing varieties Golden Delicious and McIntosh 1964th year, and one of the best summer varieties.
Jerseymac the aromatic apples. The flesh is fine textured, juicy and sweet and sour taste. She is an excellent apple for eating and cooking.

Golden Apple Winter Parmenka - Many old varieties are nostalgically remembered some old apple varieties which are no longer on the markets and shops. One of these is the Golden Winter Parmenka, variety originally from England.
Perhaps the most recognizable of all the apples and certainly one of the most famous, Granny Smith is one of Australia's most famous export product.

PS This is part of the data from research on the apple of fifth grade nine education of a school in Sarajevo basis for the project prepared by the simple name "Apple"
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