Saturday, March 10, 2012

Annual eating 3 pounds of toxins!

World Health Organization estimates that annually eat about 500 pounds of food, of which six pounds of toxins.
Today lack the range of nutritious food nutrients. In addition, it is full of pesticides and emulsifiers and so-called "anti nutrients", such as white sugar confectionery, red meat and saturated fat, which destroy our bodies and help the growth of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The worst are the "fast-releasing" sugars such as snacks and "white carbs" like white flour products, husked rice and pasta.

It is precisely these "antinutrients", among other things, responsible for making orange skin - the body automatically pushes toxins out of vital organs to the skin surface, and is manifested in the form of cellulite.

Man daily needs 115 different nutrients

Put fruit and vegetables "branch of the supermarket shelf," it may take up to two years! An example of the fruits from Ecuador to the huge refrigerators exceed long way to the target countries. In addition, it is harvested while still immature and not developed until all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and by the time sales is "immersed" in a number of chemicals to speed up the grow process but i got the irresistible smell of freshly picked fruit.

So, even consuming these foods in large quantities does not guarantee that we will enter into the body all the vitamins and minerals.

The human body, a human cell, the daily need about 115 different nutrients, which is almost impossible to enter only through food. It is estimated that today's food meets only 60 percent of the body. Therefore, wellness coach and nutrition consultant to a nutritional company, Sasha Momić, recommended the use of natural supplements.

Cellular nutrition helps the body

Momić recommended to its clients "cellular nutrition" which consists of tablets made from specially processed organic fruit and vegetables, and beverages that contain all the nutrients, including soy and whey proteins, necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.

Of course, cellular nutrition is used as a supplement to the daily well-balanced diet, and wellness programs is to avoid those that contain a large amount of "anti nutrients".

Moderate exercise can also help us to stimulate cell metabolism in the body. Namely, to make a positive step is not necessary to spend hours every day in the gym - light jogging or half-hour workout will have certain effect.

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