Sunday, March 18, 2012

Almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts in cooking

Almonds and hazelnuts usually use peeled, because the dishes are specifically mentioned, if you should use a paddy. If you use the shell only to peru in cold water and dry cloth. In order to split brown leather, we can put them 24 hours in cold water, and usually put them in hot water and hold it only so long as we can not peel. Then they washed and dried. When batter must always be mixed with something (not grease), which goes with that dish, for example. with a few drops of milk, egg whites, water, orange juice and triturated with sugar. If we cut them finely curved kitchen knife, they sifted through the sieve, or better yet through coarse sieve. What is left is the clip again and sieved.
Better than sliced ​​almonds are grated on the boards of the nutmeg. Steeply cut / chop means to cut each almonds (peeled) but along with a sharp knife cut into several pieces (sticks), cut the leaves means that we cut them thinly across.
Almonds are roasted so that they can peel, and whole or cut steeply placed in a brass pan, mostly with sugar, and mix in the fire, until they get a yellowish color. Easy to halving, if you leave them for several hours in cold water (almonds), then peel and cut into two separate parts. When we peel off the nuts, fry them in tignju or put in hot water, or 24 hours in cold water. Walnuts are, if you have more milk, peel finely with a knife, dry it, and put the almonds in water, in order to remove the yellow skin.
To get the specified amount of hazelnuts or walnuts, we have to take about three times the amount of the scales.Pines are washed and dry cloth. If you want to be cracked, to decorate the compote, put it in hot water.Pistakima to take off the brown skin, put them in hot, then cold water.
Raisins are washed, dried with a cloth / towel and cleaned of impurities. Large raisins, what we call "cvebama," we cut to take out seeds.
If you need a lot istucati almonds, use a wooden mortar with tucalom / kru┼íkovine the pestle, which is most appropriate. Sweetened fruit with cedar, which is usually called citronat, cut into thin slices, or use them for serving in the same forms as newspapers or the like.

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