Friday, February 17, 2012

Pesticides in fruit and vegetables

Apples were found at the top of the list of products that contain the most pesticides, while the arc in the first place on the list ranked by cleanliness. Ranking list I put together a nonprofit consumer organization for the environment, based on tests on pesticides conducted by the Department of Agriculture of the United States.

"Pesticides are toxic," says Sonja Lander, a senior analyst. "They are designed to kill insects and most of them are not good for humans. Question is how many are actually harmful."
As a rule, you should avoid exposure to pesticides that are a thousand times smaller than the level of toxicity. According to another study, it was found that 40% of U.S. children exposed to some pesticides and more than allowed.

How are children and adults exposed to pesticides?
For most of us, it happens through the fruit and vegetables we eat.
The researchers stress that this does not mean that people should stop eating fruits and vegetables because of their nutritional benefits are much greater than the risk of exposure to pesticides.
However, they have calculated that if you choose fruits and vegetables from the list of products that are the purest, you can reduce your exposure to pesticides by 92%.
Nevertheless, the researchers say that this does not mean that people should stop eating apples, which contain the most pesticides, but organic products are recommended. In this way, will not completely reduce exposure to pesticides, but it can help.
Does washing can remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables?
Yes, it really can help, but the devastating fact that fruits and vegetables are washed before they are released to the market.
The grading system, which are formed by the list, based on six categories:
percentage of samples with pesticides found
percentage of samples with two or more pesticides
average number of pesticides found in one sample
average number of pesticides found
maximum number of pesticides found in one sample
total number of pesticides found in one type of fruit or vegetables
Fruits and vegetables with the highest pesticide

List of 12 kinds of fruits and vegetables with the worst overall results obtained by American researchers:
sweet paprika

Fruits and vegetables with pesticides for at least
List of 15 fruits and vegetables that they had the best results from products that contain pesticides at least:
sweet corn
sweet peas
sweet potatoes
From this we can conclude that if we can choose, you should choose fruits and vegetables that we know that with fewer pesticides.
The second conclusion is that any fruits and vegetables should be washed better and peel if necessary to reduce the amount of pesticides in it.

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