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Nettles as a cure

Nettle is known to us all the papers that "glow" when you touch them, and one of the most therapeuthic plants.The most commonly used list and nettle root.

Nettle has dark green, srcastih sheets, the Latin name Urtica dioica, and in our region is known even by name: grilled dogs or blackberries. Nettle is monoecious or dioecious species of the family Urticaceae.

The ingredients

Nettle (leaf, stem and root) contains the following nutritional and medicinal ingredients (vitamins, minerals ...):

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B5
Vitamin K
Vitamin C
carotenoids (provitamin A)
formic acid
silicon acid
Diseases and disorders

Nettle stimulates the digestive system, reduces pain in the stomach, stimulates secretion of gastric glands, stimulates the functioning of the liver and pancreas. It is a good diuretic and is used for purifying the blood and increase the excretion of fluids from the body, but also for many other diseases and symptoms:

gall bladder disease
liver disease
vaginal fungal infection
catarrh of the stomach
bleeding from the nose
respiratory system
diseases of musculoskeletal system
disease of the spleen
sand in the kidney and bladder
pulmonary disease
hay fever
kidney problems
against hair loss and dandruff
regulation of blood sugar
reduce cholesterol in the blood
reduces the tendency to bleed
relieves abundant menstrual bleeding
prostate enlargement
inflammation of the urinary tract
slows down the process of atherosclerosis
ulcer in the duodenum
a stomach ulcer

It is used for rehabilitation, strengthening the immune system, restore power and energy, regulates the levels of free androgens (male sex hormones) and metabolism.

Method of application and action

Use the juice, tea, or the whole plant is used for making soup. Nettle leaves are added to the rolls (or pita bread, like spinach or other greens ...). It is used for making bath and shampoo the hair and skin diseases.

Nettle leaf stops bleeding, and shows pharmacological properties: analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, antiinflammatory, local anesthetic and diuretic effect.

In addition to leaves and roots are used capsules and tinctures.

How to take nettle?

Nettle tea is prepared by being placed in boiling water teaspoon dried nettle, cover and leave to rest for a few minutes, then strain it is.

Preventive nettle tea is drunk only once a day, and in the treatment of diseases 2-3 cups a day. Excessive doses of tea can cause stomach irritation, redness, or prison, and in these cases should stop taking the tea.

Children under two years do not recommend the use of nettle tea.

For the dry tea leaves should be used in plant purchased at a pharmacy or a trusted herbalist. If you are sure that it really nettles, and you can pick your own (with gloves), but that does not place polluted industrial dust or exhaust fumes.

These tips should be used as additional therapy, because the proper diagnosis and primary treatment should consult a doctor.

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