Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How much water do we need to drink?

Although water is considered a kind of elixir of life, and something without which we can not pass a single day, has not always been easy to determine how much water to drink during the day that it could exert its effect.Many of us grew up in the belief that it is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water a day, along with other beverages of choice. Some of the recent recommendations indicated that we no longer have to worry about the necessary quantity of water that we drink, but that simply can quench your thirst with any beverage.

Of course it is pure water, refreshing and calorie-free, the best choice. Studies have also shown that when it comes to hidration can serve coffee, juices and even beer. What also puts water in the first place they are and some people claim that the water also helps to lose excess weight. And to truly confirm the claims of this type of assistance are invited experts around the world to testify to the powerful effects of this beverage that nature gave us.

One study, released in 2002. in the U.S. "Journal of Physiology," questioned the credibility and effectiveness of the old recommendations that emphasized that it is necessary and healthy to drink per 230 ml of water, and to 8 times a day. After a thorough verification of this claim, one of the researchers, Dr. Heinz Valtin concluded that there was insufficient evidence that healthy people who live in areas with temperate climates and not included in a demanding daily activities over the required large amounts of water. For the average healthy adult physically Dr. Valtin recommended simply that it is enough to drink only when thirsty. He also said that even beverages with caffeine as a good complement to satisfy our thirst.

What is important when it comes to this study is that in 2004. The international medical institute gave the public new recommendations that agree with the findings of Dr. Valtin. The latest recommendations off the old routine of 8 glasses of water a day and them is another way to determine the necessary amount of water that an individual should be entered. It is simply based on the use thirst alone as determinants of the necessary amount of water that can satisfy our thirst. From this, we excluded people who suffer from certain medical conditions that require control of fluid intake, followed by athletes and people who participate in physical activities that last longer, or those living in extreme living conditions.

However, the final report of IMI is not clearly established that this is the basic amount of water that should enter every day. Featured are however some general recommendations based on research that came to 2.70 l (about 11 glasses of water a day) when it comes to women and 3.70 l (about 15 glasses of water a day) when it comes to men. It should be noted that these quantities refer to the total fluid intake from all sources of water - to drink, and food. Also, approximately 80% of the total amount of incorporated fluid comes from water and other drinks, and the remaining 20% ​​comes from food.

Here are some foods with plenty of water in it:

lettuce (1 cup) - contains 95% water
watermelon (1 cup) - contains 92% water
broccoli (1 cup) - contains 91% water
grapefruit (1 cup) - contains 91% water
milk (1 cup) - contains 89% water
orange juice (1 cup) - contains 88% water
carrots (1 cup) - contains 87% water
yogurt (1 cup) - contains 85% water
apple (average size) - contains 84% ​​water

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