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Her Majesty the coffee!

According to the World Health Organization, on the planet every day drink about one and a half billion cups of coffee! So you always somebody, when you think to yourself sipping your coffee, half a world a real society.

Her Royal Highness, coffee

Cafes we might best friend. Frankly, I like that when I drink alone. I have my little morning ritual: New Belgrade Terrace, "Nes" coffee shop, look at the lime tree outside the window, morning watering flowers ...

.. All those who waved at night, and then learn, work, play, know that the coffee shop and an irreplaceable friend.It is the traditional choice of action in forcing the dream, still unsurpassed. All this, of course, in limited quantities.

Lethal dose of caffeine is 150 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, which means that a man of 80 kilograms can be killed with 12 grams of caffeine, or 100 cups of coffee, while a 50 kilogram woman killed 7.5 grams of caffeine, or about 60 cup this drink . It was calculated that the greatest amount of harmless nine cups per day, but as for four to six hours to lose the impact of caffeine, the daily dose can be much greater.

Walter, who was drinking a day per 50 coffee, warned not to overdo it because he had coffee poison. He then moved to the next cup and said that in his case it seems very slow coffee. Balzac, writing his "human comedy" drank 50,000 cups of coffee, and nothing happened to him. Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdes spoke to the mathematician machine for turning coffee into theorems. Johann Sebastian Bach cantata dedicated one of his Turkish coffee. Perhaps you could make something for nes or filter coffee?

I tried what is the effect of "Shower Shock" soap and "Octane Energy" shower gel, which are full of caffeine, but tell him that they still made that computer addicts (who are often addicted to the coffee) to stimulate the regular maintenance hygiene.

The development path of coffee

Some sources say that the effect of coffee on the behavior first noted in Ethiopia around 850 AD. Worthy pastor noticed that the sheep became hyperactive after eating certain red berries. When he tried acting in the same way. Lone monk was passing the shepherd tried berries and also discovered that he could help them stay awake during long prayers. Other stories speak of the Arab who was exiled with his followers to Ethiopia and was sentenced to die of starvation in the desert. One day, hungry, desperate cook the grains of unknown plants, and this enabled them to survive. The event at the nearby Moki understood as a sign from God, so that both the plant and drink from it got the name "Mocha". Upon arrival in Asia is becoming a favorite coffee drinks in the Arab world.

Transport of coffee outside the Muslim world was forbidden by law, so that its expansion began smuggling.However, the Islamic authority in Mecca was proclaimed devil's drink, and prohibit its consumption, for the enjoyment of coffee has no boundaries and dissuades people from the faith of the Prophet. Fortunately, the Turks conquered Syria, Yemen and Egypt, and charmed by the taste of the new fluid supersedes the order.Thus, the first predecessor cafes open in Cairo and Mecca, the most famous in Constantinople, 1475th year.Thanks for the Turks brought coffee to Europe. The Turks, as they are introduced to the world of coffee, switch to drinking tea. At a time when coffee came to Europe from across the world arrived tobacco. The best drug is certainly cafes tobacco, and there they found a combination of Lovely, of course, again, the Turks.

Coffee is a perennial evergreen bush. Coffee flourishes and gives birth to three times a year. All types of wood give the coffee a year per kilogram of fruit only, which makes growing and harvesting very difficult. The best known species are: Arabica and Robusta.

Roasting and grinding

Green coffee beans are first drought and becomes yellow in color. Before using the coffee must be properly burn and grind. Sometimes the housewife and the roasted coffee each had their minutes there for the job. The process of burning lasts between 7 and 14 minutes and the maximum temperature reaches 240 degrees. Broiled coffee is divided into light (7 minutes), moderate (9 to 11 minutes), medium dark  (12 to 13 minutes) and dark (14 minutes). Rarely is the only ground coffee beverage store, though it was the best way.

The most expensive and rarest coffee

The story that I am the best, most found a coffee, it attracted me to try it. It will be you in ten seconds clear why.Sorta Kopi Luwak is so rare that annually produces about 250 pounds, a pack of a few ounces, sells for 75 U.S. dollars. Kopi Luwak is made on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. On these islands live civet, cat sized marsupial that lives in trees and has long been considered pests because they eat the most mature coffee fruits.Coffee bean passes through his digestive tract virtually no damage, and enzymes in the stomach and animals add something unique in this coffee beans. Then it became the world's most wanted coffee. That's how some of the laziness and can be used.

The four basic ways of preparing coffee

Espresso has become a planetary phenomenon. The homeland of beverage is probably Italy, although in France the early 19th century made the first espresso machine. Espresso added to milk, cream and cocoa. It is an ingredient of most types of coffee beverages. For inspiration and information sure to visit the site www.latteart.org.

Filter coffee is first created 1908th and the main difference with the espresso is that the water which passes through the coffee filter, you felt under pressure. Generally weaker than espresso.

granules with water (hot or cold) and add sugar and milk. Over time they developed a more sophisticated way of making instant coffee, which is mainly reduced to the previous torture coffee granules with a little bit of water.

Brazil, which had large surpluses of coffee turned to the Swiss company Nestle for help. Decision-making easy and quick coffee found in 1938. NESCAFÉ and the Swiss market is offered. After the Second World War, NESCAFÉ started to importing countries around the world. Granule NESCAFÉ the best blend of beans from different countries in tropical regions.

Coffee cubed

Coffee has always many substances added: sugar, cinnamon, milk, figs, chocolate almond, hazelnut, vanilla, cream, egg, cream, sour cream, fruit, and various alcoholic beverages.

Viennese coffee, mocha, ice coffee, cappuccino (which is named after its brown color that resembles the clothing of priests from the Capuchino monastery) are some of the most popular coffee beverages, and especially the various versions of the popular instant coffee drinks.

Different countries have developed their own tea drinks by adding them something, "his".

Italy - Cafe Coretto with amaretto almond liqueur;

Mexico - Cafe Mexicano with tequila and Kahlua;

France - the Cafe Marnier liqueur Grand Marnier;

Jamaica - Jamaican Coffee with Tia Maria and rum;

Ireland - Irish Coffee with Irish whiskey to.

Possible the German coffee with Višnjevac, Russia, on the other, but soon, with vodka. I do not know if anyone tried coffee with plum brandy - perhaps this could be our invention.

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