Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foods that cause headache

There are many types of food that under certain conditions can trigger headaches. If you are among those that often, or at least sometimes, troubling migraines, be sure you will be interested in the latest survey data.

In general, most adverse impact:

Cheeses that are long and other foods that contain tyramine: red wine and other alcoholic beverages, meat products and others.

Alcohol - the inflow of blood to the brain increases when you drink alcohol and to be the "trigger" for the start of a headache. So - red wine, beer, whiskey and champagne are, according to experts, the most common originators of these annoying ailments.

Condiments - various additives. Food additives provide longer life and durability. They, however, may be the cause of headaches.

Cold foods - you may not know that some people adversely affected by cold food, so they can cause headaches.More likely to happen if your body is already heated, for example, physical activity, or an external high temperature. The pain then occurs in the upper half of the heads and quite often takes a few seconds to several minutes. Research shows that more than 90% of people suffering from chronic migraine exhibit sensitivity to ice cream and other cold substances.

Other foods that can cause headaches:

peanuts, peanut butter, nuts
chicken liver
smoked fish
homemade donuts, pastries and bread
desserts containing cheese
dried fruits
soup with meat additives
caffeine, which is in chocolate, cocoa, coffee, tea
Artificial Sweeteners

Cheeses containing high levels of tyramine:
Swiss cheese

Food products containing additives:
hot peppers
We have mentioned a number of foods that can sometimes cause headaches. For you, of course, to discover that it is the food that you just create problems. It would be best if each person has a headache, write down the problem into a kind of diary exactly when you feel a headache and was taking food that day. After a while, keeping such records would become clear - to determine which foods are the causes of headaches in this case. It is worth some effort to improve their health.

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